Sunday, May 9, 2010

WEEK - 67 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Lopez Cruz family- Hermelinda is the mom, Carlos is the dad, Lupe is their daughter and Abigail is their granddaughter

Hey everyone, sorry I didn't get to print off. Things have been so CRAZY getting everything ready for the Zone Conference this week.
I'm going to talk to you guys form the Stake Presidents house at 7:00 on Sunday. Elder Miller is going to talk at 5:00, so I'll go at 7:00 OUR TIME. and 5:00 your time then.

The stake presidents daughter speaks English, they also have free calls to the US. So she's going to call you guys and confirm the number and everything and that way you can call her to make sure It's okay. What do you think?? She might call today. Just in case their home number is 57567037.

I'm going to write the letter now, hope these Mother's Day arrangements work for you guys.
Elder Ras

AHH! The Lights went out in the internet cafe and I couldn't finish typing! I don't have ANY time to write now, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing we're talking this Sunday, love you!!

-Elder Ras