Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey everyone!

This was a great week! Jessica was baptized yesterday, and her husband Juan Antonio will be baptized in two weeks. They are really excited, and we are planning a trip to the temple in two weeks so they can really have the desire to enter in a year.

President wrote us a great letter today! I want to share a little bit of it with you guys.
Dear Elder of the East,
I'm thankful to be able to write you again this week. On June 7, 1962, President Henry D. Moyle, first counselor in the First Presidency, said the following to a group of missionaries in California: “I shall go to my grave saying that missionaries never rise in their entire life above the stature they carve out for themselves in the mission field.”

Now is your time to do something big. The rewards that will come to you through your faithful service to the Lord will bless you for the rest of your life. If you really want to be a successful missionary and become great in the sight of the Lord, you should not cheat Him or yourself by serving a mediocre mission. Is it the “what” or the “who” that will determine the success of your mission. The answer is obvious, the “who” is you. If you decide now to take advantage of every opportunity to complete your purpose as a missionary, you will build a sure foundation of greatness in your life, and it's worth doing it...You can't have one foot in the mission and the other in the world. You are putting in danger your success and your happiness. Either we're going to be disciples of Christ, “dedicating all our time and attention in the service of the Lord,” like our calling says, or we're going to be like children, “double minded”. There is nothing that is more inspiring than a missionary that gives himself completely to the Lord, 24/7 for all of his mission. All that he has, all that he does, and all that he thinks is of the Work, until he is released.”

That is what I want to be, I want to be a missionary that is completely focused on the Lord. Now is the time for us to do something big for the Lord, and that time is these two years- the “tithing” of our life. I'm so thankful to be here in Mexico. I know this is the work of the Lord- there is nothing else that matters! I hope all of you are continuing to pray for the missionaries in your ward, and praying for opportunities to find people who are ready to hear the gospel. Make a missionary's day, give a referral!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Sunday, January 17, 2010

WEEK - 51 Ixtapaluca

Wow it has been freezing down here!!! It has been below freezing the last couple of days, let’s just say I’ve made good use of the big coat that I thought I would never use, and the gloves. The volcanoes look absolutely AMAZING!!! They’re covered in snow and everybody wants to go to touch the snow, put it in a ice chest and bring it back! A lot of people here have never been to the snow before, so its pretty cool for them when its so close.

Today we played “futbol” or soccer at the stake center. I am really bad at it, so they put me in as goalie. At least I can put myself in front of the ball so it doesn’t go in! Haha…Well this week the Lord really blessed us. We were able to find a couple of families that I know will progress! We received a referral from a member. This sister is ready to be baptized! She has wanted to be baptized for a while, and now she can. Her name is Perla and her husband’s name is Joaquin. Also, we found a family that is just so ready to hear the gospel! Their names are Juan Antonio and Jessica. Jessica is going to be baptized this week, and her husband in two.
President Bulloch wrote us an awesome letter today. He always motivates us, and helps us to be better as missionaries. He told us that true happiness and peace comes when our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are happy with how we live, and that it is found when we find someone who has been prepared by the Lord. That is so true! That is why a mission is so rewarding, the happiness that you feel as you serve others just makes everything worth it! I can’t say it enough, I am so happy to be here in Mexico, serving these wonderful people. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.
I love you guys, thanks for the letters! I have to go right now, but I hope everything goes well for you this week. That’s exciting that you guys are going to Disneyland, take LOTS of pictures when you go! Love you,
-Elder Ras

Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK - 50 Ixtapaluca


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope it went well for everyone, we spent the day in our house! We had to be in there at 6 and couldn’t leave. President gave us a great activity to do to set some goals. Elder Juarez and I set some goals to help us have more success here in the area. It hit me while we were doing it that I only have a little bit more than a year left in the mission! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by, and I don't like it at all! If I find out a way to extend, don't be surprised! They say you can't do it anymore, but I'll find a way!
Today we went to the little pueblito I told you about called Montecorona. We baptized Arely there yesterday, and some members invited us to go eat today. We went with Elder Livingston, Elder Cruz, Elder Draper and Elder Alcantar. We ate chicken, salad, pasta with salsa and BLUE tortillas!

Elder Livingston and Cruz baptized an awesome family yesterday, we've had the opportunity to get to know them. One of the boys, Alan, asked me to baptize him. It was a great experience to see this family all entering into this covenant with the Lord!

We received a referral for a young couple, they have really been prepared by the Lord! Juan Antonio and Yessica are so excited to be baptized they can hardly stand it! We set their baptismal date for teh 17, and Juan said he would have to work. On Sunday we went to pick them up and he had gone to work so that on the 17 he could be there for his baptism! I guess we didn't explain to him well enough that you have to go three times to Church to be able to be baptized. Tonight we're doing a Family Home Evening with another young couple in the ward. I hope I'm here in three weeks to see them confirmed!

TRENT! We were doing our new years eve activity when Sis. San Andres called telling me where you're going! That is so cool! I'm so excited for you!! Bro. San Andres is half Spanish! His dad is from there and still talks with the accent. You're going to speak the real Spanish! Haha, I'm so excited for you! You're going to do great!! And the best part is that you're speaking Spanish! Spanish is the best! Felicidades!

The work is going well here. The Lord is blessing us every week with investigators to teach and to help come unto Christ. Here's a little Mexico trivia for you. Look in “Our Heritage” about Mexico. Elder Margaret Thatcher came here to dedicate the Land of Mexico, and guess where he went?? POPOCATEPTL! He climbed the volcano to dedicate the country! Guess what I can see everyday? The volcano! We decided that is why our ward is so elect!

Love you guys, I'm praying for you!
-Elder Rasmussen

WEEK - 49 Ixtapaluca

Trent, you’re waiting?!? You sound like those investigators that want to stop smoking and drinking coffee when the new year starts!! I’m dying here buddy!! All I can say is that you better call the San Andres family or email them ON NEW YEARS EVE!!! I’m going to be waiting anxiously in the house! (we have to be in the house at 630!!)
Wow! Elder Juarez and I saw a huge miracle yesterday!! There is a family who was baptized about 6 months ago, but the Dad was never baptized because he had word of wisdom problems, and is always gone. This brother, Gervacio, has wanted to be baptized but never could resolve his problems. Yesterday we were at church and long story short, the sister we were going to baptize couldn’t be baptized! Gervacio came to church and excitedly told us that he was ready to be baptized! It truly was a miracle, and Gervacio was so excited to get baptized. It was such a great experience, to see the Atonement working in this brothers life! Now this family can progress towards the temple in a year.
It was great to talk to you all on Christmas! That was the shortest hour ever!! I really enjoyed talking to everyone, and Sister San Andres did too! I can’t believe Trent is getting his call! I’m pretty excited and anxiously awaiting! Everyone sounds so grown up! Seth is getting his Eagle, Chad is driving…Uncle George is singing! Oh… haha just kidding G, love ya! It was funny, you asked me to speak some Spanish and I kind of forgot I was there with the San Andres Family and I was just saying a bunch of random things, afterwards they asked me why I was saying random things! They thought it was pretty funny. After talking to you, we ate dinner and headed t o the house. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know I did, thanks to all of you! You made it really great for Elder Juarez and I. He didn’t get anything from his family so I know he appreciated his package, and I did too thanks so much!
Everyone liked our district activity! We had a good time, and I know the investigators liked it, even though we don’t sound that great! I recorded it and took some pictures to send you next week, my computer won’t send them right now.
We married a couple today, Arely and Danny. Arely is going to be baptized this Sunday, Danny her husband is already a member. It was kind of funny, we went to get them married, and I was one of the witnesses. They told me not to ask questions and to just sign my name. We looked after and saw they put my name as Ramiro Hernandez Sanchez! Haha, oops! Oh well, at least we got them married that’s what counts.
I hope you have a great happy new year! I encourage you to set goals for this coming year of how many people you want to share the gospel with. I know if you put the goal, Heavenly Father will bless you to be able to achieve it. Love you all,
-Elder Rasmussen

WEEK - 48 Ixtapaluca



Wow I can't believe the year is almost over! It has gone by so fast! Elder Kartchner and I were talking about how fast its gone, and we can't believe we're going to hit a year! We just gone done with our Zone activity, we went to the Metro station and sang while Elder Kartchner played the violin! We all wrapped Books of Mormon with our testimony on the inside. It was a lot of fun, and I know a lot of the people felt the spirit in the metro- even though we don't sing that great! Just a little side note, in that CD I sent home there was a video of Elder Segura selling hangers. It’s funny because that’s how the people yell when they sell things on the metro station, today we were singing while they were trying to sell! Haha!

Our District activity is going to be the 25. The 24 is a work day, at 730 Elder Juarez is going to call, and then we received an invitation to eat dinner at a sister’s house. The 25 we're doing our District activity and then going to the San Andres family to call you guys. President encouraged us to find a family or someone on the 24 or 25 that progresses towards baptism. We're going to do it too! Our District activity is going to help us get a lot of referrals. We're going to visit 5 families for every companionship, we're going to sing, share a message, ask for referrals, and leave with another hymn.
The San Andres family number is-XXXXX, but just use the number you already had. Can you call between 7 and 7 30? We'll be there waiting at 7, and I'll have the phone card just in case. Sound good? I'm excited to talk to you guys! It's going to be fun. Hope you enjoy your Christmas package!!

The 12 days of Christmas thing has been so much fun. I think I have one of the most creative families! The scripture clues are great! I told Elder Juarez to wait to open all of his until Christmas, but he wanted to open one so he opened his tie. I really like the ties you gave me! I wore the all red one today to the activity, and Elder Wright in my district wants to trade me for it!!

I don't think I told you yet, we received a referral from a sister that lives in a little town called Montecorona. Maybe I did tell you, I don’t remember. The sister’s cousin isn’t a member, her name is Areli and has always wanted to get baptized but needs to get married first. This week we're going to take them to get married, and she'll be baptized this week! We also found a sister whose kids have already been baptized but she couldn't at the time. Now she wants to be baptized and her date is also for this week, her name is Connie.

Tomorrow we're going with our Stake to the Visitors Center. Our Stake President is renting a big bus to take all the missionaries and 5 investigators. It’s going to be a great time and I hope the investigators feel the Spirit on the temple grounds.

This has been a great time to be a representative of Christ. People are even busier during this time of the year, and almost nobody wants to take ten minutes to listen to us, but I know they feel the spirit when we testify of Christ and His birth. I know He lives, and that He is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that He came to this earth for that very purpose and that all we have to do is come unto Him and he can help us and change us more than we know. I have seen many sons and daughters of God change their lives as they truly accept Him in their lives. What a great time of the year, Merry Christmas everyone!
-Elder Rasmussen

PS- TRENT!!!!! OH Man I am just freaking out knowing your getting your call!! I'm so excited I'm letting out little cries of excitement as well!! Our Assistant's brother got his call to the North Mexico City

WEEK - 47 Ixtapaluca

Hola familia!!

We helped a single sister in the ward paint her house today. She bribed all the missionaries to come help with homemade pizza! I hope you liked the package, I know you might not like the statue of Popocateptl and Itzacihuatl, but I just thought it would be cool because its such a big deal here in this area!

Thanks so much for the package you sent! I am truly enjoying it! Our house has 7 years in the mission so there was an old Christmas tree here with lights and...what are those things called?...ornaments. I really enjoyed the tie you sent and the CD is awesome! Thanks so much, all the missionaries thought the 12 days of Christmas thing was pretty neat! Thanks for being so creative!

Maddie!! I can't believe you're turning 10 tomorrow!?!?! Thats CRAZY! You look so big too! I cant wait for you to get your Birthday present! You get a birthday present AND a Christmas present from me! You're lucky! Ahora voy a cantar.... Feliz cumpleaños a tí, feliz cumpleaños a ti! Feliz cumpleaños a Maddie, feliz cumpleaños a ti! (Now I sing .... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Maddie, happy birthday to you! ) Love ya Mads!

This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple in DF! It was such an amazing experience! The Temple here is really really pretty. It was great to see President Bulloch and his wife there with us in the session too! After the session we all went to the Temple cafeteria and ate, then we went to the Stake Center and had a devotional. The Spirit was there so strong in the chapel, we had a testimony meeting first and then Presidente spoke. He told us how we could spend Christmas. He said we could be with the members on Christmas Eve and Christmas for three hours, “OR BETTER you could work in the work of the Lord and find a family.” He said several things like that, he gave us the option to choose if we want to work or be with a family on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We're going to do a District service activity at a Hospital I think. I'm trying to plan it out right now, but that should be fun!

Okay family, I cant believe you guys ate the HOT TAMALES!!! I saw a picture a while ago that you were going to put them in my package, and have been anxiously awaiting them along with all the other gringos in my district! I listened to your tape and had to laugh when you all were enjoying them! Haha sorry, it was just pretty funny to me.

TRENT! I cant believe you have your papers in already!! That's so awesome bud! I can't wait to see wehre you go! I'm praying that you'll go to the best mission in the world- MISIÓN MÉXICO ESTE!!!

Allright we have to go, we have to head out to a little “pueblito” or little town called Miguel Avila Camacho. Its up in the mountains, where there's two wards. We received a referral and we're going to go check to see if she can be baptized this week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen