Monday, June 29, 2009


Hola familia!!
That´s awesome you got my package! That´s so cool that nothing broke! The pictures haha…uhh.. yah my eye. I got mugged two weeks ago, it was awesome!

Haha just kidding! The last Saturday that Elder Sander was here, we were hurrying to visit a family that said they could come to Church with us. We got in a taxi and hurried off, when we got there I jumped out of the car in a hurry and dropped 10 pesos, when I went down to pick it up I turned around real fast and hit the door of the taxi with all the hurry of a missionary that only has 5 minutes before he has to be in his house! I didn´t realize what happened at first, I think I blacked out. I picked up my glasses (which didn´t break, woo hoo!) and turned around to leave. Elder Sander looked at me and said “ooh, que paso?!” It started bleeding pretty bad so we hurried to the closest members home, when they weren´t there we turned around, I couldn´t see very well and didn´t see the huge GERMAN SHEPHERD chasing us. Aye cay aye! Elder Sander chased it away, and we hurried to the next closest members home. We got there and the Brother started calling everyone he knew to find a doctor. The doctor of the mission told me I just needed to go to the hospital because it was too late to go to DF. Turns out there is a sister in the ward that is a doctor, they took me to her house and she talked to President and told him he could trust in her. She gave me anesthesia and stitched me up! It was pretty funny, because that picture makes it look way worse than it was. It was right after she had put iodine on it. The next day at church everyone asked me “ooh que le paso elder?!” (What happened to you?!) I told them and with the most serious face I could, I said- “ Elder Sander hit me.” Then he would say, “Hey I had to give him something to remember me!” It was pretty funny. Now I don’t´have a scar or anything, the sister stitched me up pretty good!
So, this week was absolutely amazing. Elder Mora and I saw the hand of the Lord in the work. We saw miracles- so many I don´t think I have time to write them all.

Last week, a member found us to give us a referral. Julian a less active member, but wanted to know where and when church was. He also wanted to give us the referral of his girlfriend, Ibon, that lives in Palmar. Turns out the missionaries before us taught her but she didn´t want to be baptized. She went to church with her boyfriend, and I am pretty sure she will get baptized.

I gave my first blessing this week. We were walking to visit an old investigator, and an older guy yelled at us “Elder! Como estan elder! Hey you´re elder too?!” haha, he told us to come in to his neighbors house and visit her. This older sister is very sick, she´was baptized about two years ago, and can´t go to church because she´s so sick. We went in and visited her for a little bit, shared a scripture and when I asked if we could help her she asked if we could pray for her. I asked if she had received a blessing and she started to cry. I guess the doctors had just visited her and she was a depressed because of what they told her, she asked for a blessing and when I turned to Elder Mora he told me to do it! I was a little scared, but it was amazing. In Spanish when you give blessings you have to use the “tu” form of words, which we don´t use ever, we use the more formal, “usted”. As I gave the blessing, I was able to speak in tu and I know it wasn´t me! The sister was crying after and thanked us for passing by. We told her we weren´t planning on coming this way and she just looked and said thanks.

Last week, Beatriz and her husband told us they would get married in August. Elder Mora and I decided to really work with them and try our hardest to help them realize they need to complete with the commandments. We prayed so hard for them and that was when we saw the miracle. We went to visit them in the middle of the week, and Beatriz said she had a dream that she and Gonzalo were down the street from their house, but had to walk all the way around a long ways to get there. She asked us what that meant, and that’s when my creative companion stepped in. He said “ Hermana, the Lord is trying to tell you that you can have all these blessings right now if you´ll just walk down the street, but you want to walk all the way around to get to your house. Hermana, you need to get married this week.” “ You know, I was thinking the same thing.”
We helped them get everything in order, and we went early with them Saturday morning to take pictures. The judge is our buddy, he likes the missionaries because they always bring people to get married! Elder Mora and I were their witnesses. We were so happy they were finally married! They took us to a seafood restaurant after, I haven´t had that for a while! We had this awesome soup in a huge bowl. The weird thing was that it came with just about every type of seafood there is!

Sunday finally came and it was so awesome. It was ward conference for Constitucion (Beatriz and Gonzalo´s ward) and it was awesome! So powerful. The Bishop (Gonzalo´s brother) gave an awesome talk on families, missionary work, the temple. He started to cry as he talked about being sealed to his family in the Mesa Temple. After, Elder Mora and I were both busy receiving referrals! Everyone was motivated to give us referrals. We have a lot of work this week, lets just say that. Oh yeah, and they didn´t have a pianist so I played the piano. Haha, lets just say I need to practice a little bit!

It was awesome, all of my converts were there. Belen and Diana came with their mom, Euri was there with his whole family, Ana was confirmed in Palmar. Consuelo, Leilani and Joel were there too- guess what? Joel is the first counselor in the Deacon´s quorum! He passed the sacrament to us, and he was wearing the tie I gave him. It was awesome.
Elder Mora and I tried to make their baptism as special as we could. We brought a whiteboard and wrote “ Welcome to the Baptism of Beatriz, Pablo y Ariel” We had the fake flowers from the sacrament room in front of the door for the baptismal font, and music playing. Jessica gave me a CD with piano music that we´ve used a couple of times, tell her thanks for me.

Bishop Ortiz (Gonzalo´s brother) gave an awesome talk on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I baptized Ariel first, then Pablo, and then Beatriz. When I asked Beatriz her name she told me her married name, I didn´t know you have to use the single name and had to baptize her twice. The Spirit was so strong in their baptism. The kids were so excited. After when we were changing, I heard Ariel and Pablo talking. Pablo asked Ariel, “ Ariel, como te sientes?/ How do you feel?” “Siento frío!/ I feel cold!” haha It was hilarious. Then Ariel surprised me and said, “ I feel clean, and new!” It was neat to see a 9 year old notice the difference.

After the baptism we watched the Restoration, and Beatriz closed with the prayer. She asked Heavenly Father to bless those who weren´t baptized, that they could be baptized. We had two investigators in the room, remember Ibon? She was there and we could tell she felt the Spirit. Also, there was the mother of two teenagers. She isn´t a member, but they are. After the baptism she said “ I can´t wait for my baptism!”

This week was truly amazing. A lot of hard work, but it always pays off. Jorge is hopefully going to be baptized this week. He knows he needs to be baptized, he just doesn´t know with what church! We´re going to work really hard with him this week.
Time to go, love you all. Thanks for all your support.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Ras (that’s what elder Mora calls me, I guess my name is too long! haha)

Monday, June 22, 2009


Hola Familia!
I’m here in Pachuca with my new companion, Elder Mora my ¨brother¨! Elder Sander was his dad also, so that makes us brothers! He was a District Leader in the other zone in Pachuca and was a Zone Leader before that.

This photo is at the mission home at transfers 6-16-09. From L to R Elders Mora,Sander,Trev,Fulton (see generations" photo in week 19)

He’s ready to work hard. I told him our area is full of ¨golden’s¨ just waiting to be found. We knocked doors like crazy this week, but only had three that came to church. I think it’s a trial of our faith, but have no fear! We’ll find the elect because they are out there!

Ana was Baptized 6/20/09 L to R Elder Mora, -,-,Ana, Trevor
We prepared Ana for her baptism on Saturday, we told everyone that she was going to be baptized, and she said she was ready. So we got everything all set to go and went by her house half an hour early to get her. When we got to her house she was bathing her girls and getting ready to leave…to her mom´s house! She told us it was urgent and needed to go, but we insisted that she go to her baptism first and then leave to her mom’s. She said okay and we got to her baptism thirty minutes late. I baptized her, and she looked so happy after! She was a little sad that Elder Sander wasn’t there (I guess she forgot he went home) but I told her I would tell him. The best part was when they asked her to give the closing prayer, she was a little nervous but did without help! Normally we need to help her remember some parts of the prayer, but she remembered everything. The Spirit was strong in her baptism, and I know she felt it. I really feel grateful for all of my blessings. Ana lives in a block house, she and her three daughters sleep on one small bed. They have food to eat, but few clothes. I think they have clothes but they are really old. She doesn’t know how to read, and has a really hard time remembering things. I know this gospel has the power to change lives because it truly changed her life. She can remember so much more now, and I can tell she knows what the Spirit feels like.

This week, we are really going to focus on Jorge Hernandez. His wife is in the state of Chiapas and he wants to wait till she gets back, and who knows when that will be! He has committed to baptism, but wants to wait. So we challenged him to pray to know if he should be baptized this week. I know the Lord works miracles when his children ask that- remember Diana and Belen? Also, Beatriz and Gonzalo are hoping to get married this week. I don’t know if my persistence is such a good thing, they told me that they wanted to wait another month and I insisted that they do it this week because there’s no reason to wait! They finally said okay, and I think we will have to persist a little more so they actually do it.

I need help! I need some FHE ideas, some games lessons etc. I remember we did a bunch of fun things but I’ve forgotten! Por favor!
We finally received some pic's of the luxiourious missionary apartment. Actually it seems to look pretty good for what you would think is in Mexico.

la casa- The elegant Living room

La Casa- looking from the front door

That tiny area to the left is the kitchen! haha . . . . yet I still lmake awesome pancakes when we have time. Oh and PB&J, all of my companions are going to learn that word!

The other elders before us broke the other bed, so one of us sleeps ont he ground! haha, its comfy though dont worry.

Well we’re going to finish the Book of Mormon this week! It has been one of the best spiritual experiences I have ever had. I have felt the spirit so much, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that this sacred book is true and testifies of Jesus Christ.

In the MTC, they promised us in five months we would speak the language if we worked hard. I completed five months yesterday, and I don’t speak like a Mexican but I know that I have improved because the people don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I speak!

Well I need to go..I´m so thankful to be serving the Lord here. I have seen so many miracles, this really is the work of the Lord.
-Elder Rasmussen

Monday, June 15, 2009


Below is a link to a GoogleMap of Trevors mission area and his area in Pachuca, zoom in to see a closeup.,-98.888067&spn=1.837441,2.463684&z=9">

La mano del Señor (the Hand of the Lord)

Whoa, what a great week! We definetly saw miracles- again! This work is full of miracles.
I´m going to write quick! Before I forget-

Elder Sander´s last week! I´m so grateful he is my trainer. I learned so much from him. He is an awesome teacher, he knows how to answer any question that anybody asks him! Its´really cool. I hope I can be a teacher like that. We worked hard his last week, we were supposed to have around 6 baptisms, but one family of three has to wait until they get married, another sister didn´t feel ready so shés watiting. This week we baptized two, and THAT is the miracle I want to tell you about.

Belen and Diana Velazquez-Ambriz. Belen is 9, Diana is 10. We found them one day we were walking along and I saw a ¨Paleteria/Ice cream shop. We decided to try it…well I decided I wanted to try it. (Come on I hadn´t had ice cream for about a month!) We walked into the shop and bought our ice cream, and I decided to contact the sister who owns it (It´s in her house). She told us she knows us, and I asked her how. She said shés been inactive for a while, and when we asked to visit their family she said NO. We left and I kinda forgot about this family until we remembered the ice cream! So we went back, and I asked her if we could visit them and she said yes! That was last cycle I think… anyways, we´ve been visiting them ever since. Their dad didn´t give them permission to be baptized until a few weeks ago. Then when we asked the girls (who have been going to church for a year and a half) if they wanted to get baptized, they said they wanted to wait another year to feel more prepared! This week we knew it was the last chance, we stopped by and encouraged them to pray to know if they should be baptized this week. They said they would. The fact that they even accepted to pray about this week is a miracle! These girls were so set on waiting a year, and their mom wasn´t going to say anything to change them. We came back later this week and they said they were ready. Their uncles baptized them Saturday, and yesterday they confirmed them!!

Something I have really seen, is the power of the Atonement in people´s lives. The power this gospel has to change people´s lives. You remember Beatriz, her sons Pablo and Ariel. She´s the sister in law of the bishop. We have been working with them since the week I got to Mexico. At first she was very closed, didn´t want anything to do with the church but let us come and teach her. After a while she said she would be baptized! That was amazing to hear her say that, but we could tell it was mostly because of her husband. We went by last night so Elder Sander could say bye, and she said she really has changed. She told us she really didn´t want us to come over and teach her, but now she knows she needs to get married first and then be baptized.
I know this gospel is true. Christ is at the center of it- He has the power to change lives. As we put our trust in Him and his Atonement, we will change. That is one thing that I can say for sure- no matter what, after a lesson people are always more open and a little closer to Christ. Beatriz changed, Belen and Diana changed, Consuelo changed. All of them came closer to our Savior as they kept their commitments. I´m so grateful to be here in Mexico. They told us yesterday who has cambios or changes, and I´m staying here and receiving another missionary! (different than training, there was only one new Mexican missionary) I´m so glad I get to stay here, because there are so many that can progress and receive baptism. This really is the work of the Lord, and everyday we see ¨la mano del Señór¨. Thank you for your prayers and support, I love you guys.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Mexico City East Mission - I counted 164 Elders, 20 Sisters, 8 Senior. Total 192 Missionaries (click on photo to enlarge)
8 de Junio de 2009
HOLA HOLA! Que tal?

Whoa, what a week!! We had some great experiences, and learned a lot!
What is that saying in the Rasmussen house again? Mom’s always what?? Yeah, I know- RIGHT! I thought they were just kidding when they said it rains every day here during summer…they weren’t. Last Monday after Teotihuacan it was pouring.

Souvenirs from teotihuacan, I hope they get here!
And was I ever grateful to have those awesome boots Mom insisted I bring. Let’s just say the drainage system isn´t very good here…as in, the main street, Federalismo, has about two drains. So when it rains for thirty minutes it looks like a river! En Serio! (we´re a little downhill)

L toR: Elder Sander, Jamie Morales, Benita Morales and Trevor (Love those pictures in white ! ! ! )
Benita y Jaime- It really is a miracle that we found this couple. This is the hermano we found when we were walking and knew we had to come back to that street. Jaime has a kidney problem, and has to go to dialysis every other day. His wife, Benita, is a really nice lady. She was open to the message of the Restoration. Thanks to the testimony of her husband, and the promise that comes with the Book of Mormon she was converted. Her baptismal interview was Friday, and when we visited her a few hours before she told us she wasn’t sure about being baptized. We promised her if she read and prayed after we left, she could receive an answer. We waited for them at the Church, and when they came we asked Benita how her prayer went. She looked at us with a smile and said ¨Very good!¨ The next day we went to marry them in a city close by. The Judge is a friend of the missionaries and gave us a discount! We baptized Benita the next day…barely. She’s in the ward Palmar which starts at 11. We were there at 9 for Constitucion when the lights went out! We didn’t even think much about it until an hour and a half before her baptism when we realized- we need electricity to pull the water from the well to fill up the font! We thought of a bunch of things we could possibly do to fill it up. We thought of siphoning the water out, of calling a truck to come fill it up, going to another building…when one of the members said ¨why don´t we just break the well open? ¨So we did! Some one had a hammer and they broke the lock! Some young men ran home to get buckets, while we started with what we had. We ended up filling up big trash buckets with water to fill the font, it was quite a sight. I was pretty wet before we even started.
When the meetings ended we started the baptismal service. I was in the water first and I thought it was pretty darn cold, but Benita after said she didn’t even feel it! After I baptized her she was crying. I am so thankful to have this opportunity! It really is the best feeling in the world! I can´t describe it. I thanked Heavenly Father after for sending us this success, because really if we have any success at all it comes from Him!

Trevor is the one in the middle with bent knees . . . . making sacred memories ! ! ! !

And to top it all off- Joel passed the sacrament this week! We each gave him a tie because he didn’t have many.
Oscar, Joel´s brother, doesn’t really want to go to church. He’s never been, even though every Sunday we go by to wake him up. He really needs the gospel right now, we’re trying to help him the best we can but he doesn´t want to listen to us. I’m sure he will, we just have to maybe pour water on him to wake him up one Sunday! Oh wait, we already tried that! haha

The sister in law of the Bishop, Beatriz, finally decided with her husband that they were going to get married. So this week we’re going to help them too! Elder Sander says I´ll be a pro at marriages before I leave here. Beatriz has two boys that are really excited to be baptized too! Also this week we´re going to help Ana be baptized. I think I’ve told you a little about her. Ana doesn’t know how to read, and has a hard time remembering things. So we’ve been visiting her a lot to help her. Elder Sander even taught her a little to read! She was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but couldn’t come. Also this next week, Jorge Hernandez could be baptized. I don’t know if I told you about him. He’s in his 30s, a lawyer, his wife is very Catholic, and is AWESOME! He is one of the most spiritual people we have taught. He knows he needs to be baptized, but is worried what his wife will say. She’s traveling and won’t be back until the end of this month, so he wants to wait. We’ve been praying for him to make the right decision and be baptized this week.

Dad, I promised I´d tell you about our Zone Conference. I have my notes here…
Well I told you a little about McConkear. I don’t´know If I explained it very well to you, I was in a hurry. It’s a verb that missionaries made up, it means to teach with power, exhort, animar con fuerza (I think that’s encourage with strength) so that they do something- or be baptized. Our Assistant gave that lesson, it was awesome!
Pres. Bulloch talked to us about our relationship with our companion. We read the chapters with Alma and Amulek, and how they supported each other and how we should really support our companions.

I love the Book of Mormon! I know it’s true! Right now we´re reading about when Christ came to the Americas, and it has so much meaning because I´m here where I am! President Bulloch told me in an interview that this is the land where the Book of Mormon took place. Teotihuacan was so awesome, and I really felt that what Presidente said is true.
I read this in my study this week, it´s one of my favorite verses…(I think probably one of every missionary´s favorite verses)
3 Nephi 5- ¨Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.¨
That scripture has so much more meaning, when you wear a badge that has His name on it. I´m so very thankful to be serving my Savior and Redeemer here in Mexico. This really is the greatest work! Whenever it´s a little hard, all I have to do is remember who I represent, and know there are thousands of elect people, just waiting to hear the gospel! Thanks for all your support, love you.
Con Amor,
Elder Trevor Rasmussen



We missed the bus leaving Teotihuacan, and got here late. I´m trying to write as fast as I can. Thanks for the emails! I´m going to answer everything next week. Just a few things…

This week in our Book of Mormon reading, I felt really grateful for a Mother that taught me so well. In Alma 56Ñ46 and 47 it talks about what their mothers taught them, and I really know my parents taught me to have faith. Thank you!

Yesterday Pachuca played in the championship of soccer. They had the game here in our stadium! It was so crazy, because when they lost the whole city was dead quiet. When we asked two teenagers what happened one of them was near tears!

Trent I started laughing really hard when I heard you have a handprint on your back!! Haha
(Trent went to CA with a bunch of his friends to celebrate graduation. While at the beach Trent forgot to put sunblock on his back, but somehow came home with the imprint of someone's sunblocked hand on his sunburned back)

Dad, congratulations on your new calling. I´ll be praying for you!

Everyone! We need your help! There are two little girls in our ward that have been going to another ward, that know the gospel is true, and know the book of Mormon is true, and knew every part of the lessons, but are scared to get baptized. Their mom wants themt o wake up one day and say I wan to be baptized mom! Also, the sister of Consuelo, Rosalinda. She needs to go to church two more times, but has to find someone to cover her for work! I appreciate your prayers so much.

Dad, I want to tell you about our Zone conference, don’t´w orry I haven´t forgotten I took good notes. Soething I want to share real quick- there is a ¨verb¨here called McConkear. It comes from when Bruce R McConkie was in his mission and helped Dry Mormons to be baptized. We talked about how some people really do know the Book of Mormon is true, and do everything including paying tithing but don’t´want to be baptized. We talked about how to help them, I´ll write you more next week!

Maddie and Maeg, thanks for writing me! I´ll reply next week!

Sorry this is short, I´ll write more next week! I love you all, thanks for your support and love.

Elder Trevor Rasmussen