Monday, July 27, 2009


Hola querido familia!

We had a great week, and worked hard to get our baptisms ready. The Tavera family was baptized yesterday!! It was such a great experience. Also last week we went to the HUGE youth conference with youth from all of the Mexico Area. We helped them out with their missionary activity, and it was a lot of fun. I saw all of the Elders from my generation so that was fun too. I don’t have changes…what’s the Word in English? In Spanish it’s cambios…TRANSFERS! That’s the word. I’m staying here another cycle with Elder Mora. I’m going to be in my first area for 6 months! I’m excited because I’ll get to see some of my converts progress, and their family progress as well.
We just got back from helping the Zone Leaders pack up. The owner of their apartment kicked them out, so we helped them move! I don’t know if Elder Tanner is going to be my Zone Leader anymore, which I’m kinda down about, he’s awesome! I saw Elder Howard at the Youth conference, and Elder Reed too. We always have fun talking about Arizona! Small world huh?

From Left to Right-front row: Elder Mora, Alehandro Jr., Jude (Griselda's daughter),Pedro,Ramon (aka: Ammon),Trev. Back, Griselda,Alehandro,Alayda,Maribel,Juan Antonio, Jr.

Okay the Tavera family. They went for their interview last Friday, Griselda, her kids Ramón, Pedro, Maribel her husband Juan and their daughter Jude all went. Everyone “passed” their interview, except Juan. He wants to wait a little bit. But don’t worry, he’ll be baptized here soon! Yesterday, we helped Mari and Griselda´s sick father come to church. He can hardly move, so we carried him to the car, and from there up the stairs to sacrament meeting. He really liked the church, and when I talked to him, he said he would like to be baptized! He just needs to come to church more.
Elder Mora and I made little programs to hand out at their baptism. We had the primary kids sing “When I Am Baptized” and I played the piano, and electric keyboard that a member had. I know they felt the spirit. The kids were so excited for their baptism! You should’ve seen it! They were jumping up and down they were so nervous and excited! Elder Mora baptized Maribel and Jude, and then I baptized Griselda, Ramón, and Pedro. It was so neat to see this family entering into their first covenant with the Lord. They really are elect, I know the Lord has been preparing them for a long time. Afterwards, we went to the house and I read Alma 29:9-10. I love reading that scripture after baptisms, because it truly describes my joy that I feel after a baptism. I’m so grateful I was able to see this family progress towards their baptism. We contacted Griselda in the combi (ice cream truck) the end of last cycle, and it took them all this cycle to be baptized, but I’m so grateful that they were baptized, and I know it was the Lord that lead us to them.

Well I don’t have transfers. It was kind of funny, all last week Elder Mora was saying “ You have changes, I know it” and then we went to the activity with all the youth, and even the secretary Elder Olson told me I was going to probably have changes and be his companion! Haha, and then yesterday when we report they told me I didn’t have changes. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be.

Well there isn’t much else to report. We had a great last week of the cycle, and we’re ready to work hard this cycle. We’re going to put a high goal to help us work harder. That’s what we did this cycle and it helped us so much. I know when we set a goal, Heavenly Father provides a way for us to complete that goal, if we have faith and put in the work.

Love you all, thanks for all your love and support. Tell Aunt Niki thanks for the postcard!
Con amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Monday, July 20, 2009


Para la mejor familia en el mundo-
For the best family in the world -

Hola! How are you all doing? Sounds like youre having a fun summer getting ready for school! This last week was crazy!! I am excited for this next week, we have a lot of work to do to meet our goal!

We had the opportunity to baptize Adela yesterday. Adelas husband has been a member for a year now. We were able to help them get married, and Adela entered into her first covenant with the Lord yesterday.

This last week, Griselda and her husband, and Adela and her husband Erik needed to get married, and we spent most of our time doing that. We had to travel a lot, and track down certificates but we did it with the Lords help!

Griselda and her husband didn't have the documents to get married, and long story short we went all over town tracking them down. For her husband, we needed to go to D.F. to get his Birth certificate! Friday they finally got married! They went for their baptismal interviews and need to wait another week. But I know they will do it this next Sunday! This family is so awesome. I don’t know if I've explained very well,Griselda and Maribel are sisters that live in the same apartment building. Griselda has four kids, Ramon, Pedro, Alejandro, and a little girl, her husbands name is Alejandro, but is never home to listen to us. Mari and her husband Juan Antonio have two kids, Jude and Juan. These two families have really changed since we met them, and I know they will progress in the Gospel. Ramon is so awesome! He bore his testimony on fast Sunday. One day this week he came out of the house with a white shirt and tie. He had gone by knocking on doors the day before all because he saw us one day do a door approach. He went door to door on his street saying “Im a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ, and I have a message I want to share with you.” He had appointments all lined up and everything, he asked us for some pamphlets which we gladly gave to him. He is inviting everyone he sees to his baptism next week! Pretty cool huh? I told them that I might get changed this next week, and Mari started to cry! At church yesterday Ramon went up to the bishop and said, “ Excuse me, are you the bishop? Please don’t change Elder Ras, I like him!” I don't know if I'll have changes, but three cycles is the average in an area!

This week we helped Adela and her husband get married, and yesterday I was able to baptize her. This family really needs the gospel in their life, we are going totry hard to help them progress and learn more.

This Saturday, we are going to a huge youth conference in the State of Mexico. The missionaries are going to help out, and teach the youth. It should be fun.

Random fact- Elder Mora has a sister that was supposed to go to Argentina, but her visa never came so shes been in our mission for the past few weeks. President promised them that they'll see each other before she leaves to Argentina in two weeks, pretty crazy!!

This week is going to be just as busy and awesome! We have 13 people that could be baptized! The ones that have said they will get baptized for sure are 6, and the other 7 could very well be baptized this week. We are going to work hard, and qualify for the blessings. With the Lords help we can do it! I would appreciate your prayers for them.

Wow, I hit six months in the mission tomorrow! It truly has gone by so fast...and to think that its a fourth of my mission! It makes me realize I need to enjoy every moment of every day, and try to serve Heavenly Father the best I can.

Thank you for everything you do for me, your letters and prayers are such a support. I know without a doubt this is the work of the Lord! I am so thankful to be here in Pachuca, in this very area. I know the Lord prepares his sons and daughters to listen to the restored gospel. I have seen so many miracles in this work. I know that as members, you can do so much! And Im thankful I have a family that realizes that and are helping the missionaries. I love you and pray for you always!

Con Amor,
Elder Rasmussen

PS- The sister who was baptized is Adela Perez Sanchez

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hola Familia!
PMG quote:
“Dear Fellow Missionary:
We compliment you on the great opportunity you have to be a missionary. There is no more compelling work than this, nor any which brings greater satisfaction… The Lord will reward and richly bless you as you humbly and prayerfully serve Him. More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children. – The First Presidency”
I read that again this week. I was thinking about it and it really is so true. I´ve never done anything that is so rewarding, or brings greater satisfaction. I am so happy here in the mission, because we get the sacred opportunity to help others come unto Christ- the fountain of all happiness!

Investigator update…
- Griselda, her sons Ramón and Pedro- Griselda is progressing towards her baptism this Sunday. We are going to help her get married this week. Her kids are still really excited to go to church with us, her son Ramón (who bore his testimony last week) came to church with a White shirt and tie, and a book bag with his Book of Mormon. We did an activity with them this week so the kids could learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We made little signs with a scripture on the back and a question, each one of the kids had a number that matched a question. With each question or principle there was a picture, Ramón had Repentance and the picture for that was the Atonement. When Ramón pulled out his Book of Mormon yesterday, he had taped the picture of the Atonment to the back of it! He wanted his own book so we gave him his own. It´s awesome to see a 12 year old have his own testimony!!
- Mary, her husband Juan Antonio, their 9 year old daughter Jude and 5 year old Antonio- Mary is Griselda´s sister. I think she feels more ready for her baptism than the rest of her family. This family grew up Catholic all their lives, so some of the things we teach them are a Little hard, but they´re doing awesome! Mary and Griselda all live in the apartment buildings in Palmar, in Puerto Papantla…just in case you´re still following on the map.
- Jorge- In the mission, if somebody doesn´t progress we have to leave them. Sometimes they get so used to feeling the spirit, but don´t want to do anything. We tried to visit him all this week, but he was never home. So we´re not going to call him or anything until next week, and hopefully he´ll be ready.
- It was so cool! We went to church and to our surprise and old investigator came! Her name is Maria de los Angeles, Elder Sander and I found her week 4 last cycle. She just showed up, and wanted to stay for all three hours! We´re going to visit her tomorrow, and get her ready for her baptism this Sunday!

I really don´t have much else to write, sorry kinda boring eh? We didn´t baptize yesterday because Adela needed to be interviewed. We´re going to help them get married this week…

Dad, all the members ask me where my dad served. And When I tell them Japan they all freak out! They think that is the coolest thing!! Haah, I couldn´t resist, I had to share my Samurai…with a Mexican accent of course!

That is so awesome Taylor got his call to Montevideo!! President Bulloch´s son is going there too! He leaves this week I think, how cool! He´s going to be in the same mission as Ryan Bulloch! Ryan is awesome, he shared his testimony at the last zone conference. He hardly has an accent at all, he´s going straight to the Argentina MTC because he already knows Spanish.

I´m so lucky to be here! Mexico is awesome! I know this is the work of the Lord, and I´m so lucky to be a small part of it here. I know Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior and Redeemer. I have seen the change in the lives of families as they come unto Christ, and LET the Atonement work in their lives. It really is amazing. Love you all,
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

Monday, July 6, 2009


“TRIUMPH comes from putting a Little more “try” in your umph” – Presidente Thomas S. Monson (I love Pres. Monson!)

I got your package! Thanks so much! Haah Elder Mora tried the circus peanuts, made a face and said “ew, dulces de gringos!” haah… Everything is awesome. My shoes are all worn in and are working great. The candy was awesome. The letters were great too! Maddie thanks so much for the pictures you drew! And the friendship bracelet! I can’t wear it, but I have it right next to me as I study, thanks Mads! Your cursive is way good too! Mom- don’t worry about sending another package please! That was perfect, I don’t want you wasting money on a package! Really, I promise the emails are perfect and what you sent me in this package will last me. PLEASE don’t send another one. Gracias.

Well no picture of a baptism today, but next week I’ll have more than one! Jorge was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but went out of town before Sunday. The good news is that he wants to be baptized this Sunday, we just need to help him with the Word of Wisdom.

We had our Zone Conference last week, it was awesome! I learned so much, and we were all spiritually uplifted by our leaders. We play a game every conference called ¨the last missionary standing¨. We all stand up, and Sis. Bulloch asks us questions like ¨Stay standing if you…. Are sitting next to your companion… Came on time to your district meeting….wrote questions in your study journal..¨ Things like that. Last conference I lost to the sister missionaries! They’re perfect!! But last week I was the last missionary standing, and the prize- amazing brownies from Sister Bulloch that cannot be found anywhere in Mexico!!! Haha it was fun.

President shared with us about Captain Moroni, we discussed his qualities and then we read when Moroni made the Title of Liberty. We made one as a mission, and all of us signed it. Then we read in Alma 46:13
13 And he fastened on his head-plate, and his breastplate, and his shields, and girded on his armor about his loins; and he took the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat, (and he called it the title of liberty) and he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land--
after he made it, he knelt down and offered a prayer. We knelt down as a Zone as President offered one of the most humble, amazing prayers I have ever heard. Whew! If I’ve ever felt the ¨fire in the bones¨ I felt it this day. It was so awesome! Our Assistant is leaving this cycle, and he gave an awesome talk on talking with everyone. Afterward I was talking to him, he gave me a huge “abrazo” and told me to “learn how to baptize”, then he told me I’m going to do a lot in Mision Mexico Este… it was humbling to have my Assistant tell me that!

Yesterday was AWESOME- even though we didn’t baptize, we still saw miracles, like always. Investigadore numer uno…
- Griselda , her son Ramón, Pablo, and two other kids, her sister Mary her husband Antonio their kids Jude and Antonio. This family is so prepared to hear the gospel. We’ve been teaching them since Elder Mora’s first week here. I contacted Griselda in the combi (ice cream truck) the last Monday of the last cycle. She was the only one who accepted us to come by! Their kids are excited to go to church and love learning about Christ. So we’ve been teaching them all this time, but yesterday was the first day they could go to Church. We went to Constitucion, and afterwards looked for somebody to take us to go pick them up. Our ward mission leader from Palmar helped us find someone, but nobody could, so the counselor in the ward offered his pickup. He asked Alberto (the ward mission leader) if he could drive, and he said yes and grabbed the keys! Lets just say Alberto hasn’t practiced driving since he got home from his mission a month and a half ago. We made it to Griselda´s house and Elder Mora and I decided it would be better if we called a taxi. When Griselda and her sister and all of their family (10 in total!) saw the truck they all jumped into the back of the truck bed- before we could say anything! We suggested they take a taxi and we would pay for it, but they said “oh no we do this all the time!” We couldn’t convince them to leave! Haha…oh yeah, AND the mom of Griselda and Mary came too! She’s super catholic and didn’t want to listen to us but came! It was awesome. We finally made it to church, everyone was a little rattled form being in the back of the truck, but hey we made it there okay. Church was so great. The testimonies were so powerful, and for some reason everyone was talking to this family of 10. Just about everyone that passed in front said “I know this will bless your family, because it has blessed mine.” Towards the end of the meeting, Ramon the 12 year old son of Griselda asked me if I could help him bear his testimony! I said are you sure you don’t want Elder Mora to help you and he said no, you! We went up to the front and the only thing I said to him was that he could say how he felt when he read the Book of Mormon, and close in the name of Jesus Christ. He got up there, and I knelt down by his side in case he needed me…which he didn’t. He said ¨My testimony is that I have been in a lot of other Churches…and I know the Book of Mormon is true because I have asked and I know it’s true. And my dad says that the water doesn’t always last so you have to enjoy it. In the name of Jesus Christ…” Wow! His GRANDMA, the really catholic one, was crying! I know they felt the Spirit. Today they invited us to play a game and eat with them. They’re baptismal date is the 19 of this month. They could use your prayers to help them with the word of wisdom.. we’re doing all we can, but only the Lord can help them change addictions.
- Ivone- She is a 23 year old former investigator. Her boyfriend Julian who has been inactive for a while got our attention by yelling at us one day, and we’ve been working with her. She is progressing, but can only come every other Sunday, so her date is the 26.
- Adela- Her husband Erik was baptized a year ago, she wants to be baptized but says she absolutely cannot give up her “cigarro” We’re helping her out as best as we can as well, her date is this Sunday the 12.
- I think that’s all for now.. we found a lady from Uruguay but she couldn’t come to Church. Elder Sander would’ve loved to talk to her!
This last week was awesome, I know this is the Lord’s work. He will help us and bless us if we qualify for his blessings. I know he is anxiously waiting to bless us more than we can imagine! Thanks again for the package, I loved it.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

PS- We brought 12 investigators in total to Church! Our Zone Leaders said that’s a new record in our District! Of course it wasn’t us, the lord really blessed us.
PS- I totally forgot Saturday was the fourth of July! Elder Mora reminded me! haha