Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WEEK - 81 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hola Familia!!

Elder Ras here in Mexico City! Everything is just great here! My companion and I baptized Mariana’s son this week, Rodolfo.

He is going to do awesome! When we confirmed Jose, his wife attended also! That was the real miracle!!! Dulirza went to go talk to her at her work and she shared with her how her son changed after going to EFY, and the miracle in their family. Jose’s wife, Guadalupe, must have felt the Spirit because she decided to go to Church, and afterwards we saw that she had changed her attitude towards us. She decided to go with us to the Visitor’s Center and she loved it! We saw “The Family is Ordained of God”, and she really liked that. We are going to do a Family Home Evening with them tonight and program her for her baptismal date for the 15 of August.

This week we moved to a better house, because the other one was kind of falling apart. The water got in through the window and got one of my suitcases wet where I had a lot of my books and letters and things I wanted to keep!! Oh well! We moved to the new house and it is great! The best part is that the balcony has a great view of the international airport!! When we finish everything and before going to bed we watch the planes for a while, just because its so fascinating to see how they take off and land. We’re a pretty funny sight!

a valued treasure . . . . even in Mexico ! ! !

Relaxing for a moment at a members house . . . . . no wonder you are walking and talking in your sleep ! ! !

typical street to do contacting in Elder Ras's area

The Lord is really blessing us!! We contacted a lady named Guadalupe, and she is golden! She was in the original open house of the Mexico City Temple, and told us about the peace she felt in the celestial room, and told us she thought then that she wanted to be baptized! We contacted her, and invited her to Church, when we arrived a few minutes late to pick her up, she decided to go without us and get to church on her own! And she did! Wow! She's going to be baptized the 15 of this month.

Well I love you guys and hope everything is well!

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Elder Rasmussen

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WEEK - 80 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hey Everyone!

This week was just great. We did our play, “Te Hallaré Mi Querido Amigo”/ I’ll Find You My Dear Friend. It turned out awesome! Our ward has had some struggles in the past, and they aren’t very united. So we decided to do this play. My companion was the narrator, and I was one of the actors. It came out great! A lot of the ward members went and a lot of my converts cried. A few came up to me and said “Hey! You made me cry!”

I don’t have much time today. We went to the pyramids because my companion has never gone and he is going home in two weeks. It was really fun! I’ll have to send pictures next week.

We baptized Jose Raya this week, he is just great! He told us he has been looking for the true church for a long time. He gets to church by himself every Sunday, and is really progressing. Now the challenge is with his family! We would appreciate your prayers for them!

I went to Palmar Ward yesterday to do some baptismal interviews, and there was Patricia my convert walking in right when I got there! She is so awesome! She has got to be the strongest 85 year old I have met!! She is strong in the church and always there way before sacrament!

I told you last week about Brandon. He is progressing even more! Last Monday he was leaving school and was with his friends when the police came and accused him of robbing a cell phone, they grabbed him and started beating him up with a frozen water bottle. His mom, Dulirza, told us that he came home really upset and crying because he didn’t understand. He had just been baptized and then this happened. We talked to him on Friday about the priesthood and his confirmation and we committed him to takeout his big diamond earring and to not be with those people that get him in trouble. On Sunday he came with a big smile on and without his earing! The part that made me even happier was when I heard him say he wants to go on the mission. My other convert Victor and his brother Adolfo also are ready to go on a mission! What a great blessing to see this mighty change of heart in these youth.

This is the Lord’s work! I’m so thankful to be here and to be a part of it all. He is pouring out his Spirit on this area. I love you and appreciate your prayers!

-Elder Ras