Sunday, November 15, 2009

WEEK - 43 Ixtapaluca


Mexico City gets pretty cold in the winter! The volcanoes have snow on them and because they're so close the wind blows and hits us with the really cold air.

Well, surprise! I got my birthday package already! It was pretty fun to get some very needed things from you guys, and Elder Martinez really loved his stuff that you sent him! The shoe inserts, and the pen. Everyone wanted my pen that Dad made me, and with the shoe inserts we feel like weŕe walking on air. I really enjoyed the recording that you made. I can’t believe how Seth sounds! Seth! You’re growing up buddy! He sounds like Chad! The Birthday card was awesome too, thanks to everyone for signing it!

This week was great. President Bulloch came to the house on Friday. Wow, we battled to get the house looking good. The missionaries have lived there for years, and even though it was clean as it is ever going to get (thanks to moms great teaching skills) President and Sister Bulloch recommended we find another house. So we are on a search for a new house in San Buenaventura, wish us luck! We had interviews with President in our house too, that was a neat experience. We were in our room where we study, and it was just so cool to have our President there with us. He blessed our home so that we can have the Spirit there and be able to work with power and authority. It was really special to have our mission president there, blessing our home. I’ll always remember that experience.

Yesterday we baptized a 15 year old girl named Jessica. Her aunt is the Stake Young Women’s pres., and she is really excited to be a member. I think I told you about how we found them... or maybe not. I don’t remember. We received the referral from the Visitors Center, and when we went to visit them nobody had left their direction there. We asked their aunt, but she hadn’t either! It was really a miracle. Her mom and dad are progressing for their baptism this week. The Lord is really blessing us with complete families!

Saturday we went with the San Andres Family to the Visitors Center. They really, really enjoyed it. They have the goal to go to the Temple in a year. I sent the picture we took when we went. It’s really cool, they have a room that talks about the temple, and when you’re in the room, you can see the temple through a big window they have. The sister missionary asked if they would like to go in one day and they all said yes!

This Saturday we are having a ward activity. We ve been planning it for a while now. It’s called “Te Hallaré mi Querido Amigo”- I will find you My Dear Friend. It’s about two friends in the Pre existence that find out one is going to be born in the church and the other no, and the one friend promises to find him and baptize him. Its going to be short, but great! It’s to help the members get excited about the work. We are going to act it out and then we have a presentation with pictures from the converts of the members in the ward, and the new converts in the ward, and at the end we have all the primary kids holding a little plaque that says “future missionary”. It will be great and we pray the members will get more excited about the work!

OH! Crazy news! Elder Martinez told me that a Sister Saucedo was one of the missionaries that baptized his family in Monterrey. Then he told me she lives in Pachuca, I remembered that there was a sister Saucedo in Palmar! We called Elder Bertin and asked him to check, and he called me back and said that Sister Saucedo (in my ward in my Pachuca) baptized Elder Martinez and his family 13 years ago! Small world!

Yesterday we confirmed 6 people- the San Andres family, and Adań and Viri. The other companionship in our ward had four confirmations, so in all we had 10 confirmations in our ward! It took up most of the time too! We confirmed them, they passed the sacrament, and like two people bore their testimony and it was time to go to the next class. It was overwhelming for me to see so many people being confirmed. I thought of the scripture in Alma 29:10. My joy really is full, seeing so many of our brothers and sisters coming to the Lord. This really is the Lords work, and I am so grateful for the time we have here to work with everything we have so that the work goes on even more.

Thanks for the letters, Ill be praying for you with Dad being gone, and for Trent! Love you,

Elder Rasmussen

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