Sunday, November 22, 2009

WEEK - 44 Ixtapaluca


Hey everyone,
Well today was a national holiday so the San Andres family had the day free and asked us if we wanted to go anywhere. We asked if we could go to Teotihuacan, and they took us and the other Elders in our District, Elder Segura and Livingston. We had a great time, and I hope I can get some pictures off to you so you can see some more of it! Elder Livingston and Martinez had never been before, so they really liked it. Elder Segura had only been one time before and couldn’t see everything, so we all had a good time.

First I want to tell you about our miracle for the week. About a month ago we found a family who had been baptized about a year and a half ago. Their dad didn’t get baptized. We have really been trying to help him progress, but he never really showed much interest. About two weeks ago he came to church, so we went and visited him again and set his baptism date. He said he would read and pray, and then tell us. Well this week we went to visit him, and when we went in we asked him about how he felt for his baptism, and he said he was ready! His name is Dagoberto Barrera, we baptized him on Saturday and he was confirmed on Sunday. We truly saw a change in this mans life, he was really closed at first but we saw how after reading and praying about the Book of Mormon he realized this was true.

“Te hallaré mi querido amigo” went awesome! It was one of the best activities our ward has seen in a while. At the end we all sang the song. I dont know if it exists in English, but it really is an amazing song. As we sang it, it was really neat to look out and see some of my “queridos amigos”- or “dear friends”- that we have found. I really believe that we knew these people before, and that we promised them we would find them. We testified to the members of the ward that they have “queridos amigos” that they havent found yet. “queridos amigos” that are just waiting for them to share what they have now. I know this is true, and its true there too! At home there are a ton of people that are just waiting for us to open our mouth and share a little of the best thing that will bless their lives. I also wanted to tell you about a video, Im guessing its on YouTube. Its called “By Small and simple things”, we use it here in the mission to help the members give us referrals. Watch that video, and you’ll understand that it really is easy to share the gospel, and that by “small and simple things, great things come to pass”.
This week Elder Johnson the area president is going to come to tour our mission. Its going to be a great experience, and I know I will learn the things I need to apply to be a better servant of the Lord.

December 8 we’re going to the temple as a mission!!! I am so excited, its been way to long since I’ve been to the temple. Ill give you more updates on that when it gets closer.

Elder Segura and Elder Haro (another elder in my district) are going home next Friday. They have been telling us that since a month ago their family was telling them “Oh, can’t wait for you to be home, we have everything ready, do you want to do this or this?” They said its really really hard to stay focused when their family says things like that, so I’m just asking you in advance, please don’t “kill me” when I get to have that much time in the mission. Thanks!

President Bulloch sent us an inspiring message today. I hope you can translate it to be able to understand it. Maybe Ill translate it for you, it really is powerful. The title was, “Cumplir o morir”- Complete or die.

A través de los años yo he tenido muchos secretarios y asistentes administrativos. Los mejores son los que cuando se les pide hacer algo, lo hacen, lo hacen rápido, y lo hacen bien. He tenido otros que han regresado varias veces para explicarme porque no se podía, buscar maneras de pasar la tarea a alguien más, tardar de cumplir, o a cuestionar mi decisión.

“Through the years, I have had many secretaries, and administrative assistants. The best are those that when asked to do something, they do it. They do it fast, and they do it well. I have had others that have returned many times to explain to me why they couldn’t, to look for someone else to pass it to, to take longer to complete, or to question my decision.”

He goes on to talk about Nephi and how he wouldn’t leave until he had the plates, and how we should have that attitude as missionaries. Then he closed with this powerful statement,” Why does the Lord use a young man or a young woman to teach the gospel? The Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. That is His pattern.” Elder Russell M. Nelson

I want to be a missionary that doesn’t ask why, try to slack off, or question. I want to do it. Do it fast, and do it well. I want to complete with my objective as a missionary the best I can and give all I have to the Lord.

Well, I love you familia! Thanks for all the support you give me, again I really enjoyed the package. I am still enjoying it, and will at my birthday.


Elder Rasmussen

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