Monday, October 4, 2010

WEEK - 90 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP

October 4, 2010- Another Great Week in Paradise!        

 Hola, Familia,

               General Conference was inspiring as always, I learned so much that I can apply to the work. I really liked Pres. Uchtdorf's talk, that was great! 
This week we baptized Alejandra Davila Torres, and Valeria a 9 year old daughter of a sister in the ward. Alejandra was so excited to be baptized, she is very elect. It was so amazing to see how the Lord prepares his children to accept the gospel. Eduardo and Alva are progressing. They have had some problems between them, we're praying that they can resolve these problems and decide to be baptized together. We're going to baptize Gerardo this week as well. He's 19 and is doing a great job at keeping the Word of Wisdom. He went to almost every General Conference session in a suit and vest! He used to have problems with drugs and smoking, but he has completely stayed away from it. Wow, what an example of the Atonement in our lives!

                Last week my companion and I had meetings with President Hicken Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday was our zone leaders counsel. The week just flew right by! We spent a lot of time with the Secretaries. I don't know if I've mentioned that Elder Israelsen is the Financial secretary, so we have been able to spend a lot of time together and talk. He's such a  great missionary and friend. I'm excited to get to work with him more. We have to spend the night at the secretaries house a lot because its on the other side of town. Last week we were in the offices quite a bit, and Elder Lucas, one of the secretaries, decided it would be funny to buy mine and Elder Israelsen's plane tickets!! He bought them in two seconds and said "Hey Elders, look what I got?" We kind of smiled weakly and we decided to make every minute count before we have to use that stupid plane ticket! It's not going to get to me that's for sure!!!
Elder Ras at his NEW dream Apt . . . Notice the Barbwire ?? ! !

                President Hicken is such a great example. He talked to us about always being positive in the zone leaders counsel. He says that every week he gets letters from the missionaries and a lot of them are negative! He taught us that negativity is not from the Spirit and that it actually impedes our success as missionaries if we are being negative. He invited us to look for all the positive and be grateful so that we can have the Spirit with us. I had never thought of it that way before. I'm so thankful for this chance to learn from such a great leader.

Our new apartment has a built in stove, with built in natural gas tubes (normally we have to buy the tanks), it has CARPET and two bathrooms. It's basically a  missionary in Mexico's dream apartment!

                I'm thankful for your prayers, I honestly felt them all last week. I'm really thankful for my parents that put the example for their kids and teach us to consecrate everything to the Lord. It has made me reflect on if I'm doing that as a missionary. I have this short time to dedicate everything I am to the Lord, Am I really doing everything I can? Am I giving every second to Him? I want to be able to do this after the mission, but I guess I better start now huh? Love you family!
-Elder Rasmussen

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