Saturday, October 16, 2010

WEEK - 91 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP


Hey Everyone!
Well today’s Saturday, and I wasn’t able to write for last week. So what I’m doing is sending pictures of my journal entries for those days, is that okay? I can share some of the experiences that we had though.

On the 9th we baptized Gerardo and Oliver. Gerardo is from Casas Aleman and Oliver is from Campestre (the Carmona family, his mom and brother and grandma, are getting baptized tomorrow).

On the 10 we baptized the Medina Martinez family. They are so great! Their cousin Dan Lopez came all the way from Utah to baptize them. He’s going to be here tomorrow for their confirmation.  They had quite an experience. Lalo (the dad) didn’t want to get baptized, but Alba did. We went to their house last Wednesday and invited Lalo to read and pray. He did so, and when we came back to take them to their interviews, he said he was ready to go! 

 We took them to their interviews at the visitors center, and they loved being at the Temple. I don’t remember if I told you this last week, but they can see the Temple from their house! 

Their daughter, Valeria, is so funny. When we went to the Temple for their interview, she was like “Oh! I can see that from my window at night! The other day the lights went out, but they didn’t go out in the Temple!” haha, she’s cute, and reminds me a lot of Maddie! Last night we went to visit them and they are so awesome! Lalo said the prayer, and it was so humbling to hear it. He gave thanks for being led to the truth and for the opportunity to be able to go to the Temple in a year. What a great family! I’m going to be saving so I can be here in a year!


This week we are going to baptize the Carmona family. Lupita, Brandon and their Grandma, Porfiria. Porfiria is 86 years old, and has diabetes. She can hardly talk but when she does, she makes it clear she wants to be baptized! She can’t go to church, but President said that it would be good for her to be baptized because her husband is a member, and that way they can be sealed. We are also going to baptize a sister named Blanca. She is a referral from her sister in McAllen, Texas. She is also very excited to be baptized. She has arthritis so bad that her hands are bent. But she makes it every week to church. We visited her yesterday and she is really excited as well.
What a blessing to be here! The Lord is truly blessing this area, and it is so humbling to see. Wow! Elder Lopez baptized a family in San Buena a year ago, and a week ago they went to the Temple, so we were able to go with them. A lot of the members from that ward were there as well, and they told me that the Martinez family is getting ready to go to the Temple. Can’t wait to be there with them. It was very special to see a sealing. Bro. Luis Perdomo was there, remember him? He told me he would help me out, and let me know how they’re progressing. 

Elder Agurrie & Ras at La Honda.  This is the restaurant where we take all the new missionaries. THIS is the meat for the tacos Al Pastor! 
aaAAHHH ! ! ! !  The joys of Tacos Al Pastor ! ! !

Les amo un buen!
-Elder Rasmussen

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