Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hola hola familia!
I have 30 minutes to write you today!
This week was great. We´re working hard to find as many people as we can. The problem we run into, and a lot of other elders here, is that people love to hear the message or anything about Christ. But when we encourage them to read and pray to know for themselves the message that can change their lives- they don´t. Alot of times after a lesson, they will say thank you and tell us they´re catolícos and don´t want to change. So we´re going to take a new approach this week, we´re going to start teaching more short first lessons, so we can reach more people. After conference this weekend, we´re going to get the members involved more, or try at least. We have a plan to go to the members homes for a short visit, and ask them right then to have everyone write down a few names they know. Then ask them to pray about the names, share a scriptures with them, then come back the next day to see who they have. Hopefully it will work!,-98.780351&spn=0.030909,0.038495&z=15">

Dad, you have our area exactly right! It´s a triangle. Our street is Tulancingo. We´ve been working alot in the "Puerto" streets, they´re apartments in Palmar. There are alot of people there that we can contact. Our area is pretty big so we´re going to start going to the other ares of Santa Julia.

Mom, Elder Reed is in my zone, he´s in a different district though. My district leader is also our Zone leader.

Okay you ready for this? Remember in the Church News they had a bunch on the Mexico City East Temple? I remember when Grandpa showed that to me, I looked at the picture of all the missionaries in front of the temple and wondered if my future companion was in it, well he was! Elder Sander is the 4th one in from the left, barely poking his head in the picture. The 7th elder in is my Zone Leader, Elder Camacho. Pretty Crazy huh?

L TO R: Elders Camacho ZL, Trevor, Sander(Comp) , Tanner ZL

Wow, Conferencía was perfecto no? The first session was in Spanish. That was hard! I wanted to know what Pres. Monson was saying, and I caught some of it. But I definetly caught when he talked about México! Everyone in that stake center perked up and whispered and got excited. It was neat to hear that. I felt the spirit so strong in that conference though, so that was good. That was how I had to learn, by the spirit! I really liked when they sang Israel, Israel God Is Calling! It reminded me of our home because Mom always has the hymns on! I don´t know why but that particular hymn has always stuck out to me, and I remember hearing it in our home.

Then the choir sang Consider the Lillies of the Field! I dont know if I told you or not, but in the MTC I sang in the choir once, and that was the song we sang! I´m so glad I was able to sing that one, it has so much meaning especially now that I´m in the field. I know Heavenly Father cares about every one of His children and wants them to find true happinnes in this life.

It was awesome to hear Elder Ballard speak! I felt some type of connection with all of the Elders that participated in conference we heard in the MTC.
I really liked Elder Pearsons talk. I want to thank you Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma for having faith. He said "If we do not give them faith we have given them little" You 4 have definetly given me that and I¨am so grateful for that! Thank you. Dad and Grandpa, I wanted to thank you too. In priesthood Elder Costa quoted Elder Ballard saying that fathers need to "prepare them both spritiaully and temporally to look and act as servants of the Lord". I felt very grateful to have you two as amazing priesthood examples to look up to. Thank you again to all four of you, Pres. Monson told us to thank our parents, and if I have felt anything being out here inthe field its gratefulness for all you have done for me, every lesson and act of love, I have felt really grateful to be raised by such wonderful parents, and have such wonderful grandparents.

I really likied Elder Eyring´s talk in priesthood. Actually alot of these talks helped me specifically as a new, junior companion. Elder Hollands talk was great! When he said his message was to a new missionary feeling homesick the other elders in my zone looked over at me to see if that was me or not! haha!
The last song was awesome. "God Be With You ´Till We Meet Again" I felt the Savior´s warmth, and love knowing He really will watch over my family "till we meet again".
Yup, Conference was great! I learned so much and am going to be a better missionary because of it.

Sorry, I guess my whole email was about conference. I dont know what exactly to tell you about here, Everyday we go to our teaching appointments. We do alot of contacting and I´m getting better at that! Every other Tuesday we get mail, so tomorrow we should get some in our District Meeting. Hmm, what else..Do you have questions for me? Oh! I ate patas de pollo the other day! I knew it would come sooner or later! (chicken feet) It wasn´t as bad as I thought it would be, I just tasted like chicken- go figure!

I love you all, sorry I don´t have time to email each of you, Trent and Maegan and Maddie. We only get an hour to email. This Church is true! I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know the Spirit guides us and the promise is DyC 88 that He will go before our face is real. I have felt the Spirit speaking through me, when my Spanish vocabulary is drained and we´re in the middle of a lesson. How else would I be able to teach about Enduring to the End if the Spirit wasn´t there to help me? Thank you for all you do for me back home, I love and appreciate you all. Adios!
Élder Rasmussen

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