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Haha, that´s our ¨theme¨ in the mission. After every district meeting we put our hands in a circle and do a little chant, here in pachuca its: ¨PACHUCA EN AGUA!¨haha
Preach My Gospel quote of the week:
¨Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to helping people...Stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. LIVE the gospel of Jesus Christ.¨ Pres. Hinckley

Well Hola familia y todos!

This week was awesome. Oh just an fyi, I print off your letters before and read them and then email. Go ahead and email me ALL YOU WANT and I´ll still have time to reply, promise :)
Question time!
1. Do you sleep on a bed or hammock?
-We live in the City, pretty much. Elder Sander says nobody sleeps in a hammock in the mission. I think a hammock would be more comfortable then my bed! haha, but my awesome pillow makes up for that!
2. Do you have a kitchen, running water, hot water,(irons in water do not count!!!)
-We have a nice apartment. After we cleaned it, its pretty nice. Every morning we light the water heater, like the one at home, and the water is usually too hot. The water is fine, we got the bill for the water for this month. $58 pesos, or 5 dollars, not bad eh? The kitchen is small, but we have a refrigerator, sink, and a pan to cook pancakes in (which I made this morning, and I have to say were pretty good...I dont know if Elder Sander thought so though! haha)
3, How do you wash your clothes?
-There are a ton of lavanderias around. We got permission from Presidente to take our garments and everything to one around the corner. The lady is really nice and washes and folds them for 10 pesos a kilo. So its about 3 dollars each time, but hey at least I´m not washing them on a rock.
4. Do you fix your own meals? What do you eat besides chicken feet?!?
-Haha chicken feet was only once. We eat some really good food! Por ejemplo, the other day we were walking down the street and we see a tent with¨barbacoa¨ on it. So we decide we would see how much and everything, I was picturing a bbq, you know a bbq with steak and hot dogs...nope. The guy pulls out some meat from his cooler and looks at me and says ¨billy goat meat is really expensive here!¨ ...yeah we decided not to try it! Yesterday we had molé, I thought of Uncle Steve. It was awesome! We only eat with members at lunch, that is their big meal, but they always feed us a ton. We eat dinner only if we´re really hungry, there are a bunch of taquerias around, dont worry they´re okay to eat at! Tacos el pastor are the best. I´m sure nobody over in Az will be surprised that I spille molé on my shirt yesterday...ay ay ay.
5. Are you wearing your sunblock? Make sure you protect that beautiful Danish skin!!!!
-Yes I´m wearing it, and I´m still getting a nice tan too, maybe I´ll get my wish and look and sound mexican after two years!?!
6. Have you used your water purifier?
-No not yet, we dont´really need to. We buy a 20L thing of water for 3 bucks every week, I just fill my water bottle up with that. I´m sure I will need to use it sometime though, I´m glad I have it.
7. How are you and Elder Sander getting along?
-Elder Sander is great! He has one more cycle left after this, hopefully he´ll still be here, I don't know how I´d get around without him. He is a hard worker, and I learn a lot from him when we teach. He has some awesome analogies and its kinda funny, when people give him excuses he asks them directly ¨why can´t you come to church? you can do that later can´t you?¨ It´s awesome.

Mom, you even caused a riot here in MEXICO! When I pulled out my mini PMG all the Elders in my district said ¨NO MANCHES!¨and pulled it out of my hands! I wonder what its going to be like when the Spanish one comes. (you did say she was sending one right? I can´t remember)

Nothing big happened this week. The investigators we were working with towards baptism either said they don't´want to, or can´t. You have to be married to get baptized, and a lot of people aren´t. Its hard to get divorced here and a lot of our investigators have to do that first. BUT there were a ton of miracles this week.
Friday night Elder Sander told me about this thing called ¨Referencias Celestiales¨Its where you start with prayer for inspiration, then one of the companions reads out 10 street names while the other writes them down. You both look at the names of the streets, and pick the three or four you feel you should go to the next day (this is during nightly planning). Then you come together and see which ones to go to. We had three same street names, so we decided we´d go to them on Saturday.
Saturday came and we went to Mezquititlan in Parque Poblamiento (I think.) One of the first doors was a lady who was interested but couldn't talk cuz she was moving in. We invited her to church, told her what she should wear, and told her we´d pick her up. She said she wasnt sure but woudl try to be ready. Sunday came and when we went by she was ready to go! We went to Church and after testimony meeting, the stake president introduced himself and talked to her. She asked if she could bear HER testimony, and the President said ¨Adelante(Go for it)¨ Cool eh? We have a cita with her tonight.

Also, we´ve been praying for service, to know who we can help and what not. So we were tocando puertas (knocking doors) when we knocked on the door of an older couple that lives next to a member. We went in after the lady said her husband was sick. We went in to their small home to fnd a man in a bed moaning in pain. This guy has had diabetes for the past three years. I´m guessing it´s slowly impairing him. We gave him a blessing, and asked if we coudl help with anything. The wife said we could help put him in his wheelchair, which we did, and returned later to put him back in his bed. We did it yesterday too, and will continue to do help them this week. Hopefully they will want to hear the message of the restoration sooner or later!

Also on Saturday, we were walking down Puerto Tuxpan and I saw this family and the dad kept looking at us. Elder Sander was talking to some young men from the ward, and I knew we needed to talk to them. I told Elder Sander, Elder, we need to go contact them! So we walked over and the wife and the daughter hurried away but the dad stopped to talk. Turns out he´s been going to another ward in a different part of the city for a year but never been baptized. We took down his ¨datos¨ or address and went back later. He answered and told us to come back later, when we did they were there but wouldn't answer. _I think the wife doesn't want to listen, and that is why, but still pretty cool! My whole point in telling you all this is that the Spirit will direct us if we just open it up for him too.

We are studying the Book of Mormon for 90 days in the mission. We highlight all the principles of conversion, Christlike attibutes, everything the Lord says, and references to Christ and write the total on the bottom of the page. I´m learning so much, We´ve used scriptures from our morning study in our lessons several times! It´s so awesome. I´m learning things to apply as a missionary. It has really strengthened my testimony that the Book of Mormong testifies of Christ, on every page.
Well I want to send some pics so I´m going to send this. I love you all, If you want to know specific things, you could send an email with all the questions and I can print it off before and take time to answer them.

Thank you for all your prayers and support, this is the greatest work in the world and I´m so thankful to be a part of it!

Con Amor,
Élder Rasmussen

Dad- Our Chapel is on C.N.C. and Emiliano Zapata. Our house is on Tatzadho and Tulancingo, the orange one on the corner.

Mom- Have you sent anything in pouch yet? I´m curious to see how long it gets here. No worries about the package. Some CDs would be nice, Elder Sander has a bunch of music and a cd player so we listen to that every day. Anything you´d want to send me woudl be a treat, really! Thanks for being thoughtful. Happy Birthday again, I love you!
Grandma and Grandpa- Thanks for the emails, I really appreciate it!

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