Wednesday, May 13, 2009



It sure was great to talk to you all yesterday! I don’t have much time to write today, we weren’t able to go to Teotihuacan, but we went to Real del Monte. We’re planning on going next Monday to Teotihuacan.

Ok, whats wrong with this picture . . . . . . TIES have been vanquished by the Mexican Government . . . . instead of the FLU . . . .major cause of spreading the FLU ? ? ? ? Politicians . . . . go figure ! ! !

Real del Monte was pretty cool, it’s a pueblo here in Pachuca. It’s also the highest altitude in MX. I bought some cool little things for you, whenever I can find a place to send them!
Random fact: With the influenza, I guess they say it’s dangerous to wear a tie. So we haven’t been wearing ties, I forgot to tell you that yesterday!
Well lets see…something I didn’t tell you all on the phone.. Our reading in the Book of Mormon is awesome! Everyday I find something new that I have never noticed before. As a missionary, there is so much that I can apply. Really we can apply it to all of us but I don’t know it just has more meaning when it says the Anti Nephi Lehi’s could never fall, because of the faithfulness of the sons of Mosiah and Alma! I realized I really want to become an instrument in the hands of the Lord. In Alma it mentions this phrase quite a bit. As I studied, I realized how I can become an instrument. I know as we work hard, put our trust in him, fast and pray, we can become this kind of instrument and missionary.
I know this is the work of the Lord. I’m so thankful to be a part of it! I know the message of the Restoration can bless people’s lives, I know that through the Atonement we can receive more joy than we thought possible. This is what I tell the people here, and it’s so awesome to see the change in people.
Coming soon…Elder Sander y Elder Rasmussen…en la ropa bautismal!

Les amo con todo mi corazón,

Elder Rasmussen

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Joyce Wold said...

I LOVE this blog!! I have taught the New Testament in our Stake Institute class and today was my LAST lesson ~ Revelation 8-22 and 1,2,3 John. It's been AWESOME for me to STUDY like a missionary!! Ü

I am in tears reading your testimony Trevor and listening to the music ~ how I LOVE MUSIC! Wow ~ Go get 'em! What an outstanding young man you have become!! LOVE YOU! "Mrs." Wold Ü