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In spanish the song that says " shall the youth of zion FALTER, in defending truth and right?" (sorry I can only think of it in spanish) in Espanol its Fallará en la defensa...
Our theme for our District this month is, NO FALLO EN MAYO. And let me tell you family, no vamos a fallar en mayo, entiende?!?
Okay, first of all. This whole swine flu thing is NOT a big deal. There are 25 million people in Mexico City, and not that many are sick. And definitely not here in Pachuca. If it was a epidemic I think we would have met someone who was sick, or known somebody who knows somebody who is sick, but no. Don’t worry I´m still going to follow the rules and everything, I just don´t want anyone over there to worry, cuz really it´s not a big deal.

Wow what a great week! Well, a hard one, but a great one! It was only hard because we walked by hundreds of people we could of contacted but couldn’t! The Lord truly blessed us.

Por ejemplo, usually we go a whole week with maybe 5 or 6 referrals from members. This week, we couldn’t talk to anyone in the street but we could visit members. We received 14 referrals from members this week! All of them accepted a return appointment, and almost all of them have a baptismal date. Saturday night, we were walking home and a member happened to be walking out of her house. She stopped us and told us she wanted her friend across the street to hear the Gospel. We set up an appointment, and went last night. She just had a hernia and has a hard time walking around. We shared the message of the Restoration with her and her member friend bore her testimony too. It was really powerful, and I know Jovinta felt it too. We asked her to give the closing prayer and as she did, she asked Heavenly Father for a knowledge of how her family can be together forever or something to that effect (we had mentioned it earlier in the lesson) and as she did, she started to cry. After, we gave her a blessing. Elder Sander and I both felt during the blessing that she would be healed. I know she´ll be dressing in white here soon.

Another day we were walking (we do a lot of that) and a member pulled up in his car. He is a recent convert (Elder Sander´s “dad” baptized him) and he invited us over to share with his daughter. At first she was very closed, and didn’t really want to hear. One thing I can say is that no matter who it is, after we teach the first lesson people always smile a little more or are that much more open.

I found a quote in a little quote book I have that I like.
“No ray of sunshine is ever lost,
But the green which it wakes into existence needs time to sprout,
And it is not always granted to the sower
To see the harvest.
All work that is worth anything
Is done in faith.” –Albert Schweitzer

Elder Sander and I decided that is what we´ve seen. We have taught a bunch of people that don´t want to progress now, but I know we have planted some seed there.

left to right: Elder Kartchner, Elder Rasmussen,Elder May

Wednesday we took a trip to the Immigration Office, that was fun! All my district was there, minus Elder Bertin. Everyone has a sweet tan (we were all pretty white in Utah!) Everyone is excited, and doing well with their Español. We went to the Church office building after and President was there with all the secretaries and Assistants. He told me dad emailed him. I said uh oh, are they scared? And he said “ No Elder, su papá tiene mucho fe…mucho fe.” (faith) I know it too! I know my parents have mucho fe!

Okay, Día de Las Madres! We are going to call you Saturday night to set everything up.   It´ll be fun to hear from you all!

This week really was awesome. Consuelo and her family are anxious to be baptized! Theyre getting antsy, their date is the 17- IF we have meetings this week. We´re teaching Marisol, and she is really progressing. I could tell she felt the spirit when we last spoke. We bore testimony of the plan of salvation and how she can see her Mother again. Maeg, I heard about your friend. I´m really sorry. I´ll share with you what I shared with Marisol, 2 Nefi 2:24. I don’t have my English scriptures but it says “All things have been done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things” My institute teacher taught us about that the day that Mr. Adams died. It gave me so much strength to know that everything that happens, happens because the Lord has a plan and a purpose for everything. He knows everything that is going to happen, and why they happen. We just need to trust in the Lord.

Well until next week! I´ll give you a call Saturday night around 6-7 your time. Love you all! I am so thankful to be a ´part of this work. I cant believe Ive been here a whole 6 weeks already! We´re in cycle 2 now! This is Elder Sanders last cycle, and we are going to put our trust in the Lord and go to work! Don´t worry, we´´ll be sending pictures of us in white here soon!

Con Amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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