Monday, June 22, 2009


Hola Familia!
I’m here in Pachuca with my new companion, Elder Mora my ¨brother¨! Elder Sander was his dad also, so that makes us brothers! He was a District Leader in the other zone in Pachuca and was a Zone Leader before that.

This photo is at the mission home at transfers 6-16-09. From L to R Elders Mora,Sander,Trev,Fulton (see generations" photo in week 19)

He’s ready to work hard. I told him our area is full of ¨golden’s¨ just waiting to be found. We knocked doors like crazy this week, but only had three that came to church. I think it’s a trial of our faith, but have no fear! We’ll find the elect because they are out there!

Ana was Baptized 6/20/09 L to R Elder Mora, -,-,Ana, Trevor
We prepared Ana for her baptism on Saturday, we told everyone that she was going to be baptized, and she said she was ready. So we got everything all set to go and went by her house half an hour early to get her. When we got to her house she was bathing her girls and getting ready to leave…to her mom´s house! She told us it was urgent and needed to go, but we insisted that she go to her baptism first and then leave to her mom’s. She said okay and we got to her baptism thirty minutes late. I baptized her, and she looked so happy after! She was a little sad that Elder Sander wasn’t there (I guess she forgot he went home) but I told her I would tell him. The best part was when they asked her to give the closing prayer, she was a little nervous but did without help! Normally we need to help her remember some parts of the prayer, but she remembered everything. The Spirit was strong in her baptism, and I know she felt it. I really feel grateful for all of my blessings. Ana lives in a block house, she and her three daughters sleep on one small bed. They have food to eat, but few clothes. I think they have clothes but they are really old. She doesn’t know how to read, and has a really hard time remembering things. I know this gospel has the power to change lives because it truly changed her life. She can remember so much more now, and I can tell she knows what the Spirit feels like.

This week, we are really going to focus on Jorge Hernandez. His wife is in the state of Chiapas and he wants to wait till she gets back, and who knows when that will be! He has committed to baptism, but wants to wait. So we challenged him to pray to know if he should be baptized this week. I know the Lord works miracles when his children ask that- remember Diana and Belen? Also, Beatriz and Gonzalo are hoping to get married this week. I don’t know if my persistence is such a good thing, they told me that they wanted to wait another month and I insisted that they do it this week because there’s no reason to wait! They finally said okay, and I think we will have to persist a little more so they actually do it.

I need help! I need some FHE ideas, some games lessons etc. I remember we did a bunch of fun things but I’ve forgotten! Por favor!
We finally received some pic's of the luxiourious missionary apartment. Actually it seems to look pretty good for what you would think is in Mexico.

la casa- The elegant Living room

La Casa- looking from the front door

That tiny area to the left is the kitchen! haha . . . . yet I still lmake awesome pancakes when we have time. Oh and PB&J, all of my companions are going to learn that word!

The other elders before us broke the other bed, so one of us sleeps ont he ground! haha, its comfy though dont worry.

Well we’re going to finish the Book of Mormon this week! It has been one of the best spiritual experiences I have ever had. I have felt the spirit so much, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that this sacred book is true and testifies of Jesus Christ.

In the MTC, they promised us in five months we would speak the language if we worked hard. I completed five months yesterday, and I don’t speak like a Mexican but I know that I have improved because the people don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I speak!

Well I need to go..I´m so thankful to be serving the Lord here. I have seen so many miracles, this really is the work of the Lord.
-Elder Rasmussen

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