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La mano del Señor (the Hand of the Lord)

Whoa, what a great week! We definetly saw miracles- again! This work is full of miracles.
I´m going to write quick! Before I forget-

Elder Sander´s last week! I´m so grateful he is my trainer. I learned so much from him. He is an awesome teacher, he knows how to answer any question that anybody asks him! Its´really cool. I hope I can be a teacher like that. We worked hard his last week, we were supposed to have around 6 baptisms, but one family of three has to wait until they get married, another sister didn´t feel ready so shés watiting. This week we baptized two, and THAT is the miracle I want to tell you about.

Belen and Diana Velazquez-Ambriz. Belen is 9, Diana is 10. We found them one day we were walking along and I saw a ¨Paleteria/Ice cream shop. We decided to try it…well I decided I wanted to try it. (Come on I hadn´t had ice cream for about a month!) We walked into the shop and bought our ice cream, and I decided to contact the sister who owns it (It´s in her house). She told us she knows us, and I asked her how. She said shés been inactive for a while, and when we asked to visit their family she said NO. We left and I kinda forgot about this family until we remembered the ice cream! So we went back, and I asked her if we could visit them and she said yes! That was last cycle I think… anyways, we´ve been visiting them ever since. Their dad didn´t give them permission to be baptized until a few weeks ago. Then when we asked the girls (who have been going to church for a year and a half) if they wanted to get baptized, they said they wanted to wait another year to feel more prepared! This week we knew it was the last chance, we stopped by and encouraged them to pray to know if they should be baptized this week. They said they would. The fact that they even accepted to pray about this week is a miracle! These girls were so set on waiting a year, and their mom wasn´t going to say anything to change them. We came back later this week and they said they were ready. Their uncles baptized them Saturday, and yesterday they confirmed them!!

Something I have really seen, is the power of the Atonement in people´s lives. The power this gospel has to change people´s lives. You remember Beatriz, her sons Pablo and Ariel. She´s the sister in law of the bishop. We have been working with them since the week I got to Mexico. At first she was very closed, didn´t want anything to do with the church but let us come and teach her. After a while she said she would be baptized! That was amazing to hear her say that, but we could tell it was mostly because of her husband. We went by last night so Elder Sander could say bye, and she said she really has changed. She told us she really didn´t want us to come over and teach her, but now she knows she needs to get married first and then be baptized.
I know this gospel is true. Christ is at the center of it- He has the power to change lives. As we put our trust in Him and his Atonement, we will change. That is one thing that I can say for sure- no matter what, after a lesson people are always more open and a little closer to Christ. Beatriz changed, Belen and Diana changed, Consuelo changed. All of them came closer to our Savior as they kept their commitments. I´m so grateful to be here in Mexico. They told us yesterday who has cambios or changes, and I´m staying here and receiving another missionary! (different than training, there was only one new Mexican missionary) I´m so glad I get to stay here, because there are so many that can progress and receive baptism. This really is the work of the Lord, and everyday we see ¨la mano del Señór¨. Thank you for your prayers and support, I love you guys.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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