Tuesday, June 9, 2009



We missed the bus leaving Teotihuacan, and got here late. I´m trying to write as fast as I can. Thanks for the emails! I´m going to answer everything next week. Just a few things…

This week in our Book of Mormon reading, I felt really grateful for a Mother that taught me so well. In Alma 56Ñ46 and 47 it talks about what their mothers taught them, and I really know my parents taught me to have faith. Thank you!

Yesterday Pachuca played in the championship of soccer. They had the game here in our stadium! It was so crazy, because when they lost the whole city was dead quiet. When we asked two teenagers what happened one of them was near tears!

Trent I started laughing really hard when I heard you have a handprint on your back!! Haha
(Trent went to CA with a bunch of his friends to celebrate graduation. While at the beach Trent forgot to put sunblock on his back, but somehow came home with the imprint of someone's sunblocked hand on his sunburned back)

Dad, congratulations on your new calling. I´ll be praying for you!

Everyone! We need your help! There are two little girls in our ward that have been going to another ward, that know the gospel is true, and know the book of Mormon is true, and knew every part of the lessons, but are scared to get baptized. Their mom wants themt o wake up one day and say I wan to be baptized mom! Also, the sister of Consuelo, Rosalinda. She needs to go to church two more times, but has to find someone to cover her for work! I appreciate your prayers so much.

Dad, I want to tell you about our Zone conference, don’t´w orry I haven´t forgotten I took good notes. Soething I want to share real quick- there is a ¨verb¨here called McConkear. It comes from when Bruce R McConkie was in his mission and helped Dry Mormons to be baptized. We talked about how some people really do know the Book of Mormon is true, and do everything including paying tithing but don’t´want to be baptized. We talked about how to help them, I´ll write you more next week!

Maddie and Maeg, thanks for writing me! I´ll reply next week!

Sorry this is short, I´ll write more next week! I love you all, thanks for your support and love.

Elder Trevor Rasmussen

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