Monday, July 27, 2009


Hola querido familia!

We had a great week, and worked hard to get our baptisms ready. The Tavera family was baptized yesterday!! It was such a great experience. Also last week we went to the HUGE youth conference with youth from all of the Mexico Area. We helped them out with their missionary activity, and it was a lot of fun. I saw all of the Elders from my generation so that was fun too. I don’t have changes…what’s the Word in English? In Spanish it’s cambios…TRANSFERS! That’s the word. I’m staying here another cycle with Elder Mora. I’m going to be in my first area for 6 months! I’m excited because I’ll get to see some of my converts progress, and their family progress as well.
We just got back from helping the Zone Leaders pack up. The owner of their apartment kicked them out, so we helped them move! I don’t know if Elder Tanner is going to be my Zone Leader anymore, which I’m kinda down about, he’s awesome! I saw Elder Howard at the Youth conference, and Elder Reed too. We always have fun talking about Arizona! Small world huh?

From Left to Right-front row: Elder Mora, Alehandro Jr., Jude (Griselda's daughter),Pedro,Ramon (aka: Ammon),Trev. Back, Griselda,Alehandro,Alayda,Maribel,Juan Antonio, Jr.

Okay the Tavera family. They went for their interview last Friday, Griselda, her kids Ramón, Pedro, Maribel her husband Juan and their daughter Jude all went. Everyone “passed” their interview, except Juan. He wants to wait a little bit. But don’t worry, he’ll be baptized here soon! Yesterday, we helped Mari and Griselda´s sick father come to church. He can hardly move, so we carried him to the car, and from there up the stairs to sacrament meeting. He really liked the church, and when I talked to him, he said he would like to be baptized! He just needs to come to church more.
Elder Mora and I made little programs to hand out at their baptism. We had the primary kids sing “When I Am Baptized” and I played the piano, and electric keyboard that a member had. I know they felt the spirit. The kids were so excited for their baptism! You should’ve seen it! They were jumping up and down they were so nervous and excited! Elder Mora baptized Maribel and Jude, and then I baptized Griselda, Ramón, and Pedro. It was so neat to see this family entering into their first covenant with the Lord. They really are elect, I know the Lord has been preparing them for a long time. Afterwards, we went to the house and I read Alma 29:9-10. I love reading that scripture after baptisms, because it truly describes my joy that I feel after a baptism. I’m so grateful I was able to see this family progress towards their baptism. We contacted Griselda in the combi (ice cream truck) the end of last cycle, and it took them all this cycle to be baptized, but I’m so grateful that they were baptized, and I know it was the Lord that lead us to them.

Well I don’t have transfers. It was kind of funny, all last week Elder Mora was saying “ You have changes, I know it” and then we went to the activity with all the youth, and even the secretary Elder Olson told me I was going to probably have changes and be his companion! Haha, and then yesterday when we report they told me I didn’t have changes. I know this is where the Lord wants me to be.

Well there isn’t much else to report. We had a great last week of the cycle, and we’re ready to work hard this cycle. We’re going to put a high goal to help us work harder. That’s what we did this cycle and it helped us so much. I know when we set a goal, Heavenly Father provides a way for us to complete that goal, if we have faith and put in the work.

Love you all, thanks for all your love and support. Tell Aunt Niki thanks for the postcard!
Con amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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