Monday, September 7, 2009


Hola Familia
We´re reporting a Little early today. We have a ton of stuff to do because we both have changes!
Yesterday, Marisol was baptized. We sang a musical number with some people from the ward. Marisol was crying a lot! She really liked her baptism, and I am positive she felt the Spirit testifying to her that the covenant she had entered in to was real, and true.
Well, we were in her baptism, about to start, when Elder Tanner walked in to our church. He pulled us aside and told me I have changes. He told me I´m going to “train” or receive a new missionary. Elder Mora is changing areas to Palmar, where he´s going to be District Leader.

This last week was a little crazy, they told us on Monday that we had to find a new house in Palmar. We didn´t know why, but did what we were told! We had to find it by last Monday or by Tuesday. We found the only available department in the Department buildings in Palmar. That was Monday, and then Tuesday we didn´t have water so we went to our District Meeting without showering! (Don’t worry, we didn’t stink up Pachuca, we showered later) We had to fix the tank on top of our house almost all day Tuesday. Then Wednesday we had to meet up with the secretaries to put all the things in the new department. We finally got to work Wednesday night, it was a little strange to only have half a week to work!

This last Thursday, Elder Jaramillo finished his mission. He was one of our awesome Zone Leaders! He was a great example to all of the Elders in our District, I really looked up to him and learned so much. His last District meeting with us he said how as he was thinking about his mission, all he could remember were the happy times, all the blessings he´s received from serving a mission. Seeing him leave made me thankful for everyday I have in the field, time is going by so fast!!

Last night we went to tell the Tavera Family that I´m being changed. Maribel, Griselda, and their mom all started crying! Antonio, Mari´s husband, made me promise I would come back after my mission to visit them! I told Estela, their mom, that I was leaving. She looked really sad because I won´t be here for her baptism, we told her that it wasn´t too late to be baptized. So she might be baptized today! She has to do some things first, but she definitely could today!

I´m really going to miss this area. I am so grateful I started my mission here. It has been such a blessing to serve the Lord here in Pachuca. I will definitely miss the people! I can´t describe the joy I feel, to have seen these people change their lives. This has been a great experience here, that I will never forget! President, in the last Zone Conference, said "EN PACHUCA, SÍ, SE PUEDE!". There is a bad attitude in our mission that when you get sent to Pachuca, its a bad thing. Well I´m glad I was here, and I leave with "EN PACHUCA, SÍ, SE PUEDE!"

Well we don´t have much time to write, we have to pack and do a ton of stuff. We leave tomorrow at 8:30. We have our “reunion de cambios” or changes meeting, at the Stake Center right by the Temple in D.F. So next week I´ll have a new companion, Elder Mora was awesome. I´m grateful I had the chance to serve with him for 2 cycles!
Love you all, adios!
Elder Rasmussen

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