Monday, September 28, 2009

WEEK - 37 Ixtapaluca


for more pictures of Ixtapaluca.

Hola Familia!
Right now, we’re in a internet café around the corner from the Ripley’s believe it or not museum. We went with Elder King our District Leader and his companion. There’s a wax museum that was pretty awesome! I’ll have to send pictures next week, because there’s no place to put my memory card.

This week was awesome! Our Zone Conference was amazing, and filled with the Spirit.

President talked to us about the new Bible that came out. We read a verse in the Bible we use now, and then read the Joseph Smith Translation, and it is completely different! He talked to us about exact obedience and we read from the missionary handbook. We have a new rule, all the Mexico missions can’t drink coke anymore! I guess some missionaries were going and buying it and giving a bad look for the members so they made a new rule. They always give us coke to drink here, so that will be interesting when we tell them that we can’t drink it.

The Zone Leaders trained us on “programming” the investigators baptismal date in the first lesson. It is something that comes from President, and it really works! It made me realice(realize: neat to see how Spanish is taking over) how important questions are. When we use questions efficiently, the investigators realice for themselves that they need to be baptized. It is really a great experience, and I have felt the Spirit and I know they have too when they accept to be baptized.

This week we took the Manzilla Hernandez Family to the Visitors Center, and they loved it! They saw the Testaments and they all cried afterwards! They told us that in a year they will be in the temple! I told them to tell us so we can be there too. This family is awesome! After Roberto and his son, Beto, had their baptism we went to their house and I made them French Toast! Haha, they were all amazed by it! This family is great. Their daughter Fabiola doesn’t want to be baptized. She didn’t come to Church yesterday, so her date is for the 11 of October.
Yesterday when we baptized, we baptized with the other missionaries in our area. We had 5 baptisms in total, and all of us were in white except for my companion, (I asked him if he wanted to baptize too).The picture is awesome!! I’ll send it next week.

Also this week, we took one of our investigators Maria del Carmen to get married! Her son was just baptized, and we’ve been working with her. She’s really excited to be baptized, but she wasn’t married. We talked to her husband once and he basically told us to go away, and that he wasn’t going to get married. We talked to him on Friday and he said to his wife, “Oh, well if its so you can get baptized that’s fine” !! We took them early Saturday to get married and this Sunday is her baptism after the first session on Sunday.

The Lord is really blessing us! Elder Martinez and I are seeing miracles all the time. We try and contact as many people as we can in the week, and this week we tried extra hard to contact. A lot of people said no, and I told my companion not to get down on himself because it was probably a test of our faith! We were walking to an appointment and a guy called us and asked us what we do and why there’s always an American with a Mexican. We told him we’d like to teach him and he accepted! His name is Raul and I know he’ll progress.

Well I have to go, not much time to write! Love you all, thanks for your support and prayers! Hasta luego,
Elder Rasmussen

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