Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WEEK - 45 Ixtapaluca

We received the changes last night, Elder Martinez is heading out of good ol San Buena! Hes pretty bummed out cuz he wanted to stay here for Christmas (I think he just wanted the package you’re going to send my companion for Christmas!! ) He’s excited though to get out there and have the same success that we were blessed with here.
This week we changed houses, so we were busy doing that. I have your package all ready to send off, we´re writing our emails real quick and then we have to go to the post office before they close. I’m sending your stuff in the same box you sent me, I didn’t have a box big enough! Thanks for the Christmas presents, I won’t open them until Christmas, I promise!
This week Elder Martinez and I saw another miracle, the hand of the Lord in the work. Sara and Jessica have already been baptized, but Sara’s husband Sergio wasn’t too sure about it. This week we talked alot with him, and he told us he wasn’t sure. He went to his baptismal interview and realized he had no need to be afraid. I know the Lord blessed him and softened his heart, his wife Sara and their daughter Jessica were praying the whole time that he would accept! Yesterday I had the opportunity to baptize him, it was a great experience!
The San Andres family invited us over for Elder Martinez birthday. They made us steak and ribs, BBQ style! It was so good. I haven’t had food like that in a long time! Elder Martinez really enjoyed it!

Next week we are going to the Temple!! Ill write you next Monday and tell you the time.
Well that’s all for today, we have to hurry to the post office before they close! Thanks for all the letters and nice things you sent me. We are eating with the San Andres family again for my birthday dinner, they invited us over to eat lasagna!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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