Monday, February 1, 2010



Orale! Siento que ha sido un mes desde la última vez que les escribí!
Have I ever told you how hard it is to think in English, and fast?!
Wow Elder Juarez and I saw a miracle last week! We baptized a sister named Concepción Granados Carreto (I forgot my camera, I'll send you the picture next week). It was so great to see her be baptized, because she has wanted to be baptized since her kids were baptized about a year ago! She was so happy, and that makes me happy to see that she is rejoicing in being baptized.

This week we baptized Juan Antonio Quezada Mendez, Jessica's husband. They are so aweosme! Juan had to work hard to get work off for last Sunday and this Sunday so he could be baptized. I baptized him yesterday right after church, then after we all got on a bus and went to the visitor's center! It was such a great experience. We took the Reyes family (Sara, Sergio, Jessica, y Braulio), Gervacio and his wife Rosalinda, Juan and Jessica, and Concepción and her family. We saw the Joseph Smith video on the way there, and when we got there the sister misisonaries did the presentation of the Christus. Then they took them on a tour to see the temple, we watched a movie afterwards about families and the Restoration. Its the video they show in the mesa visitors center with the family and their grandparents. After they showed a movie about the Mexico City temple, and that was the coolest! After that we took them to finish the tour, then we all watched “On the Way Home”. At the end we sang “I have a family here on earth..” (I forgot the name in English!) Afterwards we went outside and walked right in front of the temple doors, the Reyes family is so excited to enter they can hardly stand it! Sara says she can't wait for December 6th to come. Gervacio is also excited to go do baptisms for the dead and be sealed to his wife in a year. I made Juan and Jessica promise they were going to enter on Feb 7 2011! Before getting on the bus we ate tamales and atole (like a hot chocolate, but with guayaba!) It was a great activity, and I know it helped the recent converts to have that goal in their mind. I can't wait to go to the temple with them!

Oh wow! I can't believe our ward is seeing so many baptisms! That's great! Just keep helping the missionaries out so they can keep having success, that is awesome! They're going to have to divide the ward with all these baptisms!

MAEGAN! Wow, I can't believe how grown up you are! When I opened the picture I had to tell the other missionaries to back off cuz your MY sister!! I'm glad you had a good time.
Hey Maddie congratulations on your perfect attendance! I missed your letter last week, but I'm glad it was worth it so you could have perfect attendance.

This Wednesday we have our zone conference and interviews, I'm really excited! It's going to be a great conference.

I know this is the work of the Lord, HIS work and HIS glory. We see it every week, and every day we are here serving Him. I'm so thankful for this chance to serve His children with all my might. I love you guys, thanks for all your love and support!
Hasta luego!
-Elder Rasmussen

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