Thursday, March 25, 2010

WEEK - 60 Neza/Pantitlan Zone

Hey everyone, I don't have much time to write this week, so I'm going
to write fast.

Haha, I really liked the picture idea that you had for Disneyland! I
hope you have a great time over there! I hope you liked the Casa

Mom is soooo creative she had the idea to "take Trevor " with us to Disneyland ! ! !We all had a great time and REALLY did feel like we had him with us ! ! !
Guadalajara! (Even though I'm sure its not authentic Mexican food!)

TRENT Happy birthday!! I know you're going to like your birthday
This week was great! Last Wednesday we had our "Multi Zone
Conference". It's called a multi zone conference and not a mission
conference because we divide the mission in two groups. It was kind of
a funny story actually. We told all the zone to meet us in one of the
metro stations at 7, thinking that we could get to the Temple by 830.
We got to the metro station, and the metro was absolutely packed.
People were literally hanging out! We decided to get on a "micro", but
that was a bad idea, because we ended up getting to the Temple at 9!
Yup, traffic is pretty crazy here.

President Bulloch gave a great talk in the Conference. He asked us a
lot of questions that made us reflect on if we're reaching our goals
as missionaries. I don't have my notes with me, so I'll record it on my
camera and send it to you next week (dad just a side note, that's how I
record in .wav format).

Seeing everyone was great! Elder Bertin took the District picture, and
said he would send it to me. I guess I haven't gotten it yet. Elder
Bertin is in Pachuca still, Elder Spencer is still in my first area!
He's going to have 7 months there, that's a long time! Elder Kartchner
just got moved to Pachuca as well. Elder Isralsen is with an Argentine
companion in a Zone close to the temple, and I'm not sure where Elder
Hurst is.

When we got back from the picture and the conference, we were in our
area when we received a message from a sister telling us about her
aunt. I guess my companion and Elder Reed gave a blessing to a sister
in the ward a few months ago. This sister just found out she has
cancer, and on Wednesday they called us to tell us that the doctors
said there wasn't any cure and that she was going to die. They asked
to go to the hospital, because this sister asked specifically for us.
We called President and got permission and went to the hospital. I
anointed and my companion gave the blessing. As we blessed this
sister, there was a feeling of peace that just swept the room. We
gave her husband a blessing as well. We got back home and my companion
asked me what I felt during the blessing. I told him I felt a lot of
peace and that the sister probably wasn't going to live much longer.
Saturday night they called us to tell us this sister had just passed
away. I know we were supposed to go the hospital to bless this sister
for a reason.

On Friday we had our interviews with the President. That was a great
experience like always! He's such a great man, and we are so lucky to
have him as our President. He is excited for President Hicken and
Sister Hicken to come! He encouraged us in the Zone conference to
continue praying for them because we want to receive them with open
arms and sustain them with all our heart. I know they will be welcomed
here, because President is preparing the mission for the change. When
President Bulloch got here, the missionaries were really rebellious
because they loved the old mission president so much. I know our
mission will be ready to help President and Sister Hicken come to the
best mission in the world!

Well have to go, love you and have fun in CA!
-Elder Ras

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