Thursday, March 25, 2010

WEEK - 61 Neza/Pantitlan Zone


We are in the internet café of Bro. Padilla. We decided to write now, because we don't know if we'll have time later on!

This week was great. Patricia was baptized yesterday.

She is the nicest old lady! Her nephew lives in Idaho Falls, and has been encouraging her to go to church. She loves, LOVES the church! She is very poor, her house is a 20 foot by 8 foot cement house, with metal roofing. She has very little, but she is so willing to give everything. She gets 1000 pesos (about 100 dollars) to live off of, and after praying rent and the phone she only has 10 dollars. She is so excited, and the members are excited to see her.

This week we are going to baptize a guy named Ricardo. He found out about the church in Utah. He liked the Visitors Center so much that when he got back here he went to the Visitors center here! He went to Church on his own, and when we finally contacted him we found that he is golden! He brought his brother and sister this week, and they really liked it! We are going to see them on Tuesday to program them for the 4 of April for their baptism.

Everyone calls Neza, "Neza York", because it really is like a big old city! I'm sure that none of them know how New York really is, but its just funny. Neza is really different from Pachuca or Ixtapaluca. When I was in those areas they were relatively nice houses, and the city was more kept up. Here for each house there are about 4 or 5 families in every one! For example, one lot with about 5 little cement apartment buildings of one or two rooms and metal roofs. There are so many people its amazing! My area is really big, and so we will always h ave new people to meet and contact. There are so many elect people here, its amazing!

I gave a talk on Sunday. The first counselor called us on Friday and asked me to speak for 15 minutes. I spoke about how every member is a missionary, and gave them three tips to take part in missionary work. 1- Exercise faith in prayer that the Lord will open the way to find a family to share the gospel with. 2- Invite the missionaries to teach their friends. 3- Demonstrate the blessings we have received from the gospel. I shared Grandmas conversion story, and how Grandpa was an example to her and how it helped Grandma to accept the Gospel. Then I talked about becoming the Lords friend. President Bulloch talked about this in our last Zone Conference. I read D &C 84:77. The Lord wants us to BECOME His friends. In John 15 v. 14 we learn that to become his friends we have to do the things he commands us. And in v. 16 He tells we have to "llevar fruto" (bear Fruit) in English. in Alma 29:15 it says we have to labor exceedingly and bring forth much fruit. I know that if we work hard, and bring forth much fruit in the last day the Lord will be able to call us his friend. I desire to do that for Him, because He has done everything for me.

Hope everything is going well,

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rasmussen

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