Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WEEK - 58 Neza/Pantitlan Zone

HOLA! Wow, what a crazy week! Last Monday we said bye to everyone, that was kind of tough! San Buena was such a good place, but I know I'm in my new area for a reason.

Tuesday we went to the cambios (changes, transfers) meeting. Everyone is always excited. We sat down and we started the meeting. President said " The Neza/Pantitlan Zone...Elder Hilario, you are going to receive as a Zone Leader...Elder Rasmussen" My new companion is Elder Hilario. He's from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and one of the BEST zone leaders in the mission. He's been a Zone leader for almost a year, and has a lot of experience. In just this week he has taught me so much.

Well my new area is called "El Palmar" (just like my old area in Pachuca). I'm in the City of Nezahualcoyotl (pronounced nehsawakoyotel). My area is really easy to find on the map...

From the "Anillo Periferico" it goes over to the railroad tracks or to the "Rio Churubusco", down to the "Av. Adolfo Lopez Mateos" and from that over to "Av. Chimalhuacan". Our area is huge!! There are a ton of people, in every house there are around 5 apartments, and about 5 or 6 families. Does it give you an idea??

This Wednesday we are going to the Zone Leaders counsel at the Mission Home. Last night the assistants called us to tell us that we're going to teach "Asking questions" from Preach My Gospel, chapter 10. My companion and I are working really hard so that it is a good training. In these counsels they talk about the challenges the mission is having, and how we can do better. The Zone Leaders train the other zone leaders on different themes, then the zone leaders train their district leaders, and they train the missionaries in their districts. It should be a great experience!

Next Wednesday we're going to take the mission picture! I'm really excited to see all the missionaries again. We always eat together and then have a multizone conference. I'm really excited for that!

Thanks so much for the package! The shoes and pants are great! Kind of a funny story... i told my companion I needed to hem my pants, and he told me of a lady that isn't a member that could do it for us. Last week we ran into her and she told me how much s he was going to charge me and told me when she'd have them ready. As we were walking away I asked "What's her name?" Elder Hilario told me, " Well HE is named Esmerelda!" Turns out "she" is really a guy named Luiz! HAHA! I know it sounds so gross, but there is so much of that here in Neza! Pretty crazy huh?

Thanks for the Hot Tamales!! They're almost all gone! The recording was great too. Its just you guys right? Grandma and Grandpa didn't record? or the Millers?

I was going to write you a hand written letter, but today we didn't have any time at all to write!!

Well we have to get going, we need to prepare our training for the Zone Leaders counsel. Hey, I was thinking something that might help me to better explain or answer is if you write your questions down, then I can answer them better.


The area I'm in right now is Elder Howards first area, where Elder Mora trained him! Elder Reed was companions with Elder Hilario right before me. Elder Reed told him "Hey I think Elder Rasmussen is going to be coming over here" So they erased Elder Reeds name on the whiteboard we have in the house and put my name on there, before the cambios meeting! haha, It's kind of funny because Elder Reed told the members in this area that he had a friend in the MME mission that went to his same high school in Gilbert, Az. When I got here Elder Hilario told the members "Hey, remember when Elder Reed told you about the missionary from Gilbert, THIS is him!"

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rasmussen

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