Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WEEK - 71 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

24de Mayo del 2010

The meeting with Elder Bednar last week was just great. We learned so much, it was such a great experience to sit there and learn from an Apostle of the Lord. Our mission has really been blessed! On Tuesday we had the “cambios” meeting, there were a lot of changes! Elder Tanner is training in Tecamac, Elder Christensen is training as well. They are going to be great trainers! After the cambios meeting we went back for some investigators and then went back to the Stake center for a special fireside with Bishop McMullin. We took Dulirsa, and Seyka with her daughter Elizabeth and her kids. They really really liked it. Bishop McMullin gave a great talk to the new members, investigators, and inactive members. They all talked about after how they felt the Spirit. I think the conference really helped them!

Yesterday we baptized Elizabeth, Seyka’s daughter. The computers here don’t have a memory card port so I’ll keep looking for an internet that does. Elizabeth is awesome! She used to smoke a whole box of cigarettes every day but now she doesn’t smoke at all. She is a real example of how the Atonement has a powerful effect in the lives of the investigators. Her kids names are Yurlisa, Adolfo, and Victor. Adolfo was baptized a long time ago, but his siblings weren’t. They want to be baptized too, but haven’t gone to Church yet. So they’ll be baptized within two or three weeks.

It sounds like the Temple dedication was great! I wish I could’ve seen it. Arizona is really being blessed with Temples! I can’t wait for the Gilbert Temple!

Trent’s last week at home! WOW! I can’t believe it! Sounds like you were all really busy getting ready for the open house. Trent is going to be a great missionary! It seems like he received his call forever ago! I bet he’s ready to get out there and show España what Elder Rasmussen has got! I’m excited to talk to Trent in Spanish! Haha that’ll be fun. Mom I know you can do it without us there! Everyone here says “oh your poor mom!!” I know you can do it Mom! I’m praying for you.

The weather reminds me a lot of Arizona…or maybe I haven’t been in the heat for so long that a little heat makes it feel like a lot! It has been really hot lately, in our house it gets up to 90 degrees! (We have a clock/thermometer) And there is no air conditioning and the house is made of block so it gets pretty toasty, even at night. In about a month the rainy season is going to start, and if I thought it rained a lot in Pachuca, it rains even more here in the DF. I’ll be getting good use out of those boots.

Elder Galindo and I are doing great. This last week was a little hard though. Almost everyone told us “No” or they either lied to us about their address or they just weren’t there. We found a really cool family but on Sunday the mom lied and said that her family wasn’t there when we knew they were. Elder Galindo is a great positive Elder. We decided that even though we’re obeying and being diligent and giving it our all sometimes the Lord is going to try our faith and we just need to learn from that and grow.

President Bulloch is such a great leader for us. In his letter today he said he wants to reach the goal running! He has been here for three years, that’s a long time! I want to be a missionary like that- a missionary that runs to the goal! He has set the example for the mission, and he’s truly prepared us for the change of mission president. Everyone in the mission understands that President Hicken is the man God has chosen to be the mission president in the East, and we will sustain him wholeheartedly. What a blessing it has been to serve with some of the greatest leaders. I am so thankful that I was sent to the MME, and I know it was for a reason. This is the greatest work ever!

I love you family, and hope all is well!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Ras


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