Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WEEK - 72 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

31 de mayo de 2010

Hola! Elder Galindo and I had a great week. It sounds like things were pretty exciting with Trent heading out and everything. That’s awesome that he could go with the Udalls! What an exciting week for everyone. I know Trent – I mean Elder Rasmussen, will do awesome! The MTC was a big part of my mission.

Well last Tuesday we had our District meeting, ate, and then went to the Mission Home for the zone leaders counsel. It was so awesome! It was the last zone leaders counsel for President Bulloch. We got there with the other zone leaders at exactly 8 pm. We got there and ate pizza, then we studied the scriptures with President Bulloch- that was a great experience. Then on Wednesday we got up early, and Sis. Bulloch had quiche ready for us to eat! It was great. After breakfast we started the counsel. At 1 President announced that it was time for lunch and you’ll never guess what we ate! We ate Taco salad!! It was so good! It was kind of funny though, because for us that’s “Mexican food” right?? Not one Mexican Elder knew what it was!! They were like “ensalada de taco, que es eso?!” It was so yummy.

After lunch we finished with our trainings, and then President Bulloch spoke to us. It was really sad to hear him say good bye. He has been such an example to me. As we heard him say that he wants to reach the goal running and finish strong, I felt the Spirit testify to me that our mission President has done just that- and that I should do the same. I want to be just like that. I’ve had great examples of finishing strong all my life- Dad, Grandpa, Uncle George- I’m so thankful for you. I have that desire and want to completely pay my “tithing on my life”.

President Bulloch told us that Mexico is taking a long time with the visas, and that President Hicken hasn’t received his y et! So we are doing what we did in the MTC- praying!! The whole mission is praying for him so he and Sis. Hicken can get here on time. Pres. Bulloch also told us what is going to be happening in this cycle. This Wed. we’re going to have our LAST interviews with him, then the 22 we are having our last zone conference with them. Two days after, Elder Tanner, Elder Howard, Elder Winters, Elder Miller, Elder Draper, and about 9 other missionaries are heading home! The next week Pres. Bulloch will be here for the cambios meeting, and then on the 1st , as Pres. Bulloch said, “President Hicken is the man!”

Dad asked some questions- There weren’t any transfers in our zone, except for one companionship. We have a new Assistant now, his name is Elder Rhoten he’s a good Elder and will help us out a lot as a mission.

- In the Neza/Pantitlan Zone we have 9 companionships. The Neza Stake has 4 companionships, and the Pantitlan Stake has 5 companionships. Our goal each week as a zone is 10 baptisms.

- Responsibilities as a zone leader are that we have to take the baptismal records ever week to the temple where the secretaries have their district class. We are in charge of making sure the districts are doing well. It feels a lot different being a zone leader because you¡’re in charge of so many Elders!

Hope that helps dad. We’re working in the colonia Arenal right now. You can look it up and you’ll see a big “fraccionamiento” of colored houses, we live in the brown ones right next to the school. It’s a nice house, I’ll have to take pictures.

Well we have to take off right now. Things are going great here in Arenal. Elder Galindo and I baptized Elizabeth’s son yesterday, and this Sunday we are going to baptize her daughter. The Lord is really blessing us, appreaciate your prayers! Love you.

-Elder Rasmussen

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