Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WEEK - 92 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP


Carmona-Padilla Family,This is Hermana Lupita,her son,and her mom Baptism- 17-October Confirmation-24-October

           Hey sorry about writing a little late this week. Yesterday we were with Presidente all day. We slept at the secretary’s house on Sunday, and on Monday at 9 we were at the mission home to plan the transfers. President really does receive revelation in every moment, and it’s a great feeling to see the Spirit telling him who should be with who. Elder Lopez and I tell him what the zone leader’s tell us about the missionaries, and he makes the decision. We finished at about 1 and headed to the offices so the secretaries could take us back. When we got there though, Elder Lucas the missionary in charge of the new Americans, told us that we are probably going to get 11 more missionaries! We never know when the Americans are going to get here, they have been in California for about a month or two and are finally going to get here. We went back to the mission home and planned for these new elders, and in total we should be getting around 25missionaries next week! It’s GREAT because our number of missionaries is going back up! When I got to the mission there were about 200 or maybe more, and now we’re at about 140 or less. This should really help the mission out!
             Elder Lopez and I learn so much from Presidente. He has such faith, and is ALWAYS positive. It sounds like you heard already about their van being stolen. They had to go to the police station to put a claim in, and were there till really late. We had interviews with him the next day, and both President and Sister Hicken were completely calm. They have so much faith and are always positive. It would have been really easy for any of us to complain about having the van stolen, but he didn’t. From the very next day President was still very positive and happy! He and his wife are a true example. 

        Medina Martinez Family - showing 1yr to enter the Temple.  Cousin & former MME missionary Dan Lopez on right came back to visit from Utah.


  I have a great story for you! We visited Alba and Lalo this week, and Alba told us that earlier last week she heard her kids playing, and she started listening to them. First of all I guess I need to explain that their kids LOVE going to the Temple. They can see it from their room, and when the lights go out in their house they always check to see if the lights are on at the Temple. 

Anyways, they were playing and they had put on their “Future missionary” badges that I gave them, 
Lalito Medina Martinez 3yrs
Lalito (the 3 year old) was on the sofa with his hands out like the Christus statue,

Valeria Medina Martinez

Valeria (the 4 year old) said “Brothers and Sisters, at the end we’re going to give you a card like this (as she showed the card up like the sister missionaries do),and now we’re going to listen to Jesus.” Lalito, with his hands out, said, “ I’m Jesus, behave, and don’t fight with your little siblings.” Haha! I thought that was just great.  Valeria wants to be a missionary!


              Well Elder Lopez goes home this week. The Lord has truly blessed us these last few weeks. I have really learned so much from my companion, he’s helped me to grow and to help President more. I’m thankful for a companion like him.

Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for your love and support,

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen        

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