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WEEK - 94 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP

 8 de noviembre de 2010
“…his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.” (Jeremiah 20:9)
FIRE IN THE BONES- THAT is what I feel. I love this work. I can’t stop, I want to keep on going finding all the elect that are out there just waiting for the restored gospel in their lives.
Edler Ras and Elder Walk with mustache gifts from home

Well on Tuesday we had the changes meeting. My new companion is Elder Walk from Farmington, Utah. He is such a great Elder and I am really thankful for this time to work with him. He has an excitement for the work that I haven’t felt since being with Elder Galindo. Not to say that my other companions didn’t feel it, there’s just always been something different. He is the best missionary in our mission, and we’re both just ready to go out and find the elect!Elder Walk, and I were contacting people in the street last week when we contacted a lady that seemed very interested. We were going to say bye to her because she didn’t want us to go to her house, but as we were walking away she said “Here’s my son’s number, call him and we can set up an appointment.” We called her son later that night, and went the next day. Javier is an 18 year old that has just been waiting for the gospel! He has a friend that was baptized in the ward next to us that took him to General Conference. When the missionaries asked if he wanted us to go to his house, he said no. He wasn’t ready yet. When we visited him he said he was surprised that we had talked to his mom, because that meant for him that he really was supposed to listen to the missionaries. That same day at night we were contacting and we both saw a family go around the corner, our eyes lit up and went after them. They also said that we couldn’t go to their house right then because their baby boy was sick. As we were about to say bye, we both felt like we should put an appointment for the next day, they gladly accepted. We went the next day and Karina and Leonardo are so elect. They are very humble and willing to accept the gospel in their lives. She even told us when we took her to the Visitors Center that she had heard of the Church before, but she just “wasn’t ready”.  Actually, her mother used to tell her as they passed the Temple that the angel on the top is called Moroni! My companion and I thought that was just great that our investigator testified to us that she had been prepared to accept the gospel. We are going to get them married this week.

11/7/10-Himilce de Jesus Peregrina Rosas e Ilse Maria Peregrina Garcia
A few weeks ago I was with Elder Lopez and we were checking the ward list for members. We chose an address and when we got there we met Himicle and Ilse. They told us that the family we were looking for didn’t live there, but let us in to teach them. They told us that they had never been visited by any religion and felt they needed it, (I thought in my head, you bet you need it!!) We baptized Himilce (pronounced- eemeelsay) and Ilse yesterday.  What a great mother and daughter. They love the Book of Mormon and have testified to us several times that it is true. I’ve had experiences with them that I haven’t had with any other investigator. Ilse has often asked us at the end of the lesson if she can share a scripture with us from her study in the Book of Mormon or while she has been doing Personal Progress. WOW! Himilce really strived to stop smoking and was able to do it! She has also testified to us of how the Atonement has had an effect in her life and changed her. What a blessing to see this change!
 President Hicken asked us to type up an article for the newsletter, and this is what we wrote-
Fixing Breakfast w/ Pres> Hicken for new Elders
Elder Isrealson enjoying some food
¨...Y éstos son mis pensamientos tocante a la tierra que os daré por herencia; porque será una tierra escogida sobre todas las demás... Y dijo el Señor: Poneos a trabajar ....Y sucedió que el hermano de Jared se puso a trabajar, y sus hermanos también¨ (Éter 2:15-16). Élderes y hermanas, desde los días de Adán y Eva hasta ahora, Nuestro Padre Celestial nos ha mandado que trabajemos. El trabajo es el fundamento del éxito. Es el secreto de cada misión exitosa. Si queremos llevar el fruto que el Señor nos manda que llevemos, tenemos que ponernos a trabajar tal como el hermano de Jared. Tenemos que tener la visión que hay miles de elegidos en cada área de la MME, y que cuando nos ponemos a trabajar el Señor nos bendecirá con un servicio bautismal cada semana.  "GO TO WORK!! PONEOS A TRABAJAR!!”
-Elder Rasmussen y Elder Walk
( 16 And the Lord said: Go to work and build, after the manner of barges which ye have hitherto built. And it came to pass that the brother of Jared did go to work, and also his brethren…” (Ether 2:16) Elders and Sisters, since the days of Adam and Eve our Heavenly Father has commanded us to work. Work is the fundamental of success. It is the secret of every successful mission. If we want to bring forth the fruit the Lord expects of us, we have to go to work like the brother of Jared. We have to have the vision that there are thousands of elect in each of the areas in the MME, and that when we go to work the Lord will bless us with a baptismal service each week. )

When we found that scripture, we just loved it and knew that we could share it with the mission. It is a commandment from the Lord- he tells us to go to work, but will we be like the Brother of Jared, will they be able to say “and they did go to work”??. I sure hope so. That’s what we say everyday when we leave, “Let’s go to work!”  
I want to tell you about some of the converts in the area. Brandon and Oliver blessed and passed the Sacrament last week. Lupita, Brandon, Oliver and Alba and her husband Eduardo all went to the Temple last Tuesday to do baptisms for the dead! They couldn’t wait to get in to the Temple, and when we told them that they could enter to do baptisms, they were just so excited! They loved it.  THIS is why I’m here. THAT is what brings more joy than anything. Seeing those who have truly converted to the Lord and want to do His work with all their heart is what causes more joy. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to see this mighty change of heart. May we all remember that mighty change of heart we have had, and GO TO WORK in this our Heavenly Father’s work.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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