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Wow, only in Mexico could you see a small pickup truck with a real Lion in the back with only a cage around it! Haha! It´s promoting the circus that’s in town, and yes there is a real lion outside of the internet with a ton of people around looking at it!

The baptismal picture last week, the people are… in the back Griselda, her husband Alejandro with their daughter Aleida, Maribel, her husband Juan Antonio and their son Antonio. Front row, Elder Mora, Alejandro (turns eight in September!) Jude, Pedro, Ramón, and that ugly looking “güero” at the end. Haha look at Ramón´s belt!! We didn´t have an overall so he had to use pants, but they were so big they were falling off of him! He was walking around with his hands in his pockets to hold them up! One of the counselors int he Ward saw him and went for some clear tape! If you look close you can see that his pants are taped up! Haha Ramón is awesome.  He bore his testimony yesterday again! He’s going to get the Priesthood next week! He went to their stake priesthood meeting last Sunday, we saw him walking in, he was so excited to be there!

Yesterday the familia Tavera was confirmed! (I don’t think I said that right…my English is suffering if you can’t tell…) The mom and dad of Maribel and Griselda came, and that was a real blessing! It’s hard to get their dad to come sometimes, not because he doesn’t want to but because he’s so weak he can hardly walk or move. This week we worked with their mom and dad. They’re separated, their dad lives with them and their mom lives across the street. We taught their mom (Estela Carrillo) and I know she felt the spirit in the baptism of her kids and grandkids because she told us before we could say anything “ I want to be baptized, just give me two weeks to get things in order.” She has a boyfriend that is kind of dangerous…he threatens her and stuff, but she’s going to give him a talking to, and be baptized this week! The dad of the kids (Mariano Tavera) also accepted his baptismal date for this week!

Juan Carlos is the son of one of the members in the Ward that never got baptized. He has a daughter that was baptized but he hasn’t been baptized yet. His baptismal date is this Saturday. The Lord is really blessing us. Last week four kids came to church. They said “ we’re looking for two Mormons with plaques!” The members showed them to us quick, and we met them. Turns out, they live right in front of the Church. The family lived in the other Ward and went to Church two times, but then they moved. The mom knows the Book of Mormon is true, we just have to help her realize that now she needs to be baptized!

Maddie, that’s so cool that you have sister McLean for your teacher! I remember you wanted to have her as your teacher before! Cool! Thanks for sharing your testimony with me Mads, you’re so awesome! You´re growing up so fast, and so is your testimony! Keep it up!
Trent I can’t believe mom let you drive to CA! Howd it go?? Hey hows misión prep going? I want to hear about it. Tell everyone I said hi, tell Bro. McConkie hola! Keep getting ready for the best two years of your life! Its hard to describe the joy that comes from being out here, the only advice I have is keep studying Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures! Keep it up bud, you’ll do great!

It hailed here last week! The weather in Pachuca is so weird! When we leave in the morning its sunny and a Little warm (I know, my blood must´ve thickened or soemthing, its only around 80 or 85!!) Then around 2 or so it might rain or just keep staying hot. Then in the early evening there´s a ton of wind and dust, and at night it get really cold sometimes, yup. Pachuca is different! But I love it here.

I can´t tell you enough how glad I am to be here. I´m so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord for two years, it really does go by fast!! Thanks for your letters and prayers, I know it helps us here. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, I know that through faith in Christ and his Atonement, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost we can come closer to Him than we´ve ever imagined. I feel so blessed to see the lives of Heavenly Father´s children change as they learn to come unto Him. I´m so proud of my missionary family! Keep it up guys! That is the greatest thing you can be doing right now! I promise you! I promise you as a servant of Christ that as you continue to do so the Lord will bless you in a special way. I know it, because I have already seen so many blessings in my life, and the lives of others. Love you guys,
Elder Rasmussen

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