Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 32 - Pachuca

Trevor and Elder Mora at the Pachuca soccer field

"Mission Title of Liberty" see Week 25 for details
Hola Familia!
Hope everything’s going well, sounds like everyone’s excited about going to school right? Haha, school just started down here and they’re not too happy about it! We just saw a tiger in the back of a truck! They’re still advertising the Circus before it leaves town!

Raúl was baptized yesterday! He was so excited, and afterwards he was smiling the whole time! We showed a slide show with “His Hands”, in Spanish of course. It was great, and the Spirit was strong in his baptism. We had a good turnout too! The room was full of people! This ward has gotten really excited since the Tavera Family got baptized. Now we just need to help them give us referrals!

This week a sister named Marisol has her baptismal date. She works in a place where everyone is a member. The family that owns it invited her to the Visitors Center and to Church twice. We know she has been prepared by the Lord, and is excited for her baptism this week. It just shows the effect that we can have on others as members of the Church. I tried to help the members of the ward see that yesterday in my talk. I didn’t think I was so nervous but Elder Mora told me I was! I shared the story about Raul and how a member simply shared his testimony and a Book of Mormon, and now Raul is the newest member of the Church. Wow, I feel so grateful that the Lord led us to him. In a year he and his wife can enter the temple! You can do so much just by being an example to those who aren’t members!
Saturday we did a thing called Celestial Referrals. We prayed for what streets we should go to and went to knock doors. When we were knocking nobody listened to us, or let us in. The last building we were going to knock a lady opened the door, I told her we had a message that would bless her and her family, and how the Church of Christ has been restored to the earth. She let us in, and the first thing we did was invite her to Church. This lady, named Janet, told us she would like to go. We taught her and said that it was very interesting and caught her attention. She went to church yesterday and left with a bunch of questions. When we went by last night we set her baptismal date for September 6, and she accepted! Heavenly Father is really blessing us with people who have been prepared to accept the gospel!
Remember Antonio, Mari´s husband? He’s going for his baptismal interview tomorrow, but he´s still unsure about whether he wants to be baptized.. We’re going to help him resolve his doubts, because he knows this is true! I think he’s just scared to accept it, but don’t worry we’re going to help him this week!!

Trent asked me some questions, if you guys want to ask me questions maybe this is the best way?
1. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten so far? - We eat the best food! The weirdest thing was “patas de pollo”, or chicken feet!
2. Have you had any more encounters with dogs lately? – yeah about everyday!! I’ve learned my lesson and now I carry a rock if they look like they’re going to chase us.
3. Has your love for spicy food increased or decreased since you´ve been in Mexico? – I don’t have a choice, its increased! We eat chile with every meal! I’ve even eaten part of a manzana, they say they’re more spicy than Habanero!
4. What percentage of your budget is used for ice-cream? Haha- Remember Belen and Diana? Me and Elder Sanders last baptism? Their mom has an ice cream shop and always gives us free ice cream!
5. How’s your Spanish? Are you starting to think in Spanish yet? – The people here tell me it’s good when I tell them I’ve only been here 5 months. I don’t know if they’re being nice or if they really think this white boy can speak Spanish! And yes I’m pretty sure I am thinking in Spanish because the other night Elder Mora said I sat up in my bed and started mumbling in Spanish! Haha

This week we have our Zone conference and interviews with President. I always look forward to that, I always learn so much!! I’ll tell you about it next week!

Well I have to go. Don’t forget to be an example to everyone! Missionary work is so easy, and we don´t know how many of our friends and neighbors are prepared and ready to hear the gospel. I’m thankful you guys are doing such an awesome job and helping out the missionaries!!
Con mucho amor,

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