Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 40 Ixtapaluca

Hola Hola!

Interesting Mexico Fact- Our Bishop is a graphic designer and a few years ago went to Europe and won for the best design for Readers Digest. Pretty cool eh?

Maddie! Gabriela wrote you a letter, shes waiting for your letter!!
“Hello, my name is Gabriela Mancilla Hernandez. My Moms name is Piedad and my dads name is Robert. My older sisters name is Fabiola. She is 21 years old. My brother is 16 years old, Im the smallest. Elder Rasmussen and Elder Martinez are visiting us in my house and they teach us the word of Jesus Christ. We are reading The Book of Mormon. They gave us a beautiful packet of family books for Church. Your brother taught us to make “Pan Frances” (French Toast) in Family Home Evening. They are nice. Your brother is very “pleasant” (??agradable, nice?) and teaches us things and guess what? We were baptized and confirmed and they took us to see the Temple in Aragon! WE hope that some day you come to México to visit us and stay in our home. If we have the opportunity to go we will visit you. I hope that you write me! -Gabriela”

Sister Piedad signed up to give us food yesterday. She said the only day available was yesterday, her birthday! It was very humbling, they cooked us one of the best Mexican foods called “El Hambre”. It is so delicious, but I can just imagine that it costs a ton of money. Piedad worked every day last week, cleaning all the houses she could just so she could give us this food. It was very humbling...and even though we were full from the French Toast we made for Francisco and Fernando (the two kids) we stuffed it down because we know what a sacrifice it was for them!

This week Fernando y Fernando, and Raúl were baptized. There are just awesome! Fernando y Ricardo (I just realized I put “y” for this is hard to write in English!) and their family are progressing and are reactivated now. Raúl is doing just awesome with staying away from smoking! Next week we have two kids of an inactive sister that wants to start coming back to Church. Theyŕe names are Viri and Adan.

We just finished the cycle so last night when we called Elder King our District Leader he told us we didn have changes, but that he did. Then he told me that I am going to be our new District Leader! Iḿ a little nervous, but ready to take on this challenge. I know if I put my trust in the Lord, he will help me be the missionary and district leader that HE wants! Tomorrow I am going to do my first three interviews!

Well, times up. I feel like I dont have as much time to write or say what I want to because I have to think about it so much! Haha, ADIOS!!
-Elder Rasmusse

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