Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 41 Ixtapaluca


Did you know in Mexico its okay to carry a lion and a tiger in a cage in the back of your truck? Haha! The circus was in town last week, so theyŕe carrying around all their animals. It was kind of funny, they put the tiger and lion asleep sometimes, we saw them when the car was stopped on the side of the road and people started to come and stick their hands inside the cage!! They woke up the tiger and it roared and smacked the cage! I guess some people dont value their hands!

Last week in the changes meeting, the new District Leaders had a meeting with Pres. Bulloch. Elder Bertin is a new District Leader as well! He talked to us about our responsibility, and that he and the Lord really trust us. He told us something that made me realize the importance of our job. He said that he is loaning us the keys that Elder Bednar gave him when he set him apart to give baptismal interviews. Im learning to really rely on the Lord as I take on this new job.

Its been so cold here lately! All the houses are made out of brick, and there's no heater so at night we are freezing! Poor Elder Martinez has never been in the cold in all his life! He wakes up every morning freezing to death. The volcanoes have snow on them, They look pretty cool! Ill send the picture of the “Mujer Dormida”, or the “Sleeping woman” If you look it looks like a lady sleeping! Haha, go figure!

Hey Brother Thomas told me Adam got his call! Tell him congrats, and that I'll help him practice his Spanish! Haha, can you tell him to write me an email? Gracias!

Yesterday, we baptized Adan y Viriana. Theyre two kids of an inactive lady. Elder Sander and Elder Mora had found them and tried to teach but they never could, so they left the teaching report in the Area book, we found it and taught them. These kids are great, and were so excited to be baptized.

We are teaching a family of four, called the San Andres Family. They are really awesome, when we taught them the Word of Wisdom, they gave us their last four cigarettes, dumped out their alcohol, and gave us their expensive coffee. They are really progressing, and it amazes me every time to be able to see the change in peoples lives. When people start to complete with the commandments and repent, you can see the Atonement working in their lives. It is a testimony everytime, that Christ lives and that he really is our Savior and Redeemer. I know it without a doubt, because I have seen the effects of his Atoning Sacrifice in the lives of many people. I know Heavenly Father lives, that this is His true Church, and that people can change their entire life when they put their trust in HeavenlyFather. This is the work of our Heavenly Father!! What a wonderful opportunity to spend two years of my life serving Him. Love you all,
Elder Rasmussen

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