Monday, April 5, 2010

WEEK - 62 Neza/Pantitlan Zone

Hey Everyone!
Well we had quite a week! On Tuesday Elder Hilario noticed he had a sharp pain on his rear end. We called the doctor and he said it was probably a cyst. We went in early on Wednesday, and Doctor Brunt (the mission doctor) decided it would be better if we took him to the hospital that the church contracts with. The surgeon took one look at him and said “We’re going to start surgery at 2:30, go down to the Emergency room and we’ll get you in right away.”
It was kind of funny, they took my companion in to get him ready for the surgery and when I said “Hey! I have to stay with him!” They sent me away! I said “You don’t understand, I HAVE to be with him!” And they said “okay that’s nice, just wait outside and we’ll call you in”…They never did! Doctor Brunt stayed with me for a little bit, but then had to take off. I think he noticed that I hadn’t eaten the whole day, so he gave me 200 pesos to eat. That was really nice of him, because I didn’t have any money because we weren’t planning on spending the night in the hospital. It was funny, while my companion was in the surgery President Bulloch called me to ask what was going on. I told him that I was alone and that I was thinking about how I was going to eat. He told me it was fine to go get something to eat by myself. I asked a nurse where the closest Burger King or McDonalds was (there are a lot in Mexico City!) she gave me a funny look and said there was a place called “Sanborn’s” across the street and that that was the cheapest place! The hospital is in a really nice part of town and, so that was the cheapest place to eat! Its like a really nice restaurant at home, like Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. It was so weird being alone! I called Elder Tanner so I could feel like I had a companion! haha
When I got done eating my companion was in the hospital room asleep. They gave him one of those shots that they give the ladies when they’re going to have their baby, what's it called? Anyway they numbed him from the waste down and put him to sleep to do the operation. He has a big hole on his back side where they took out the cyst now, and that’s what is hurting him. We spent all Wednesday night in the hospital…awake! The nurses were coming in about every half hour to check on my companion so that kept us both awake all night. My companion couldn’t sleep and got bored, so was acting like he was Darth Vader all night. It was pretty funny.
We got back home on Thursday at 2, and have had to be in the house ever since. My companion can’t go anywhere because it hurts him too bad. I was able to do divisions with the members in the ward for about three hours, but that’s it! We didn’t baptize Ricardo this week, but we are going to help him so he can be baptized this week. I know it may not seem like that much, but it sure is a lot of time for us.
I got a letter from Cody, Megan, and Mercedes Sedillo. Tell them thanks for the letters, and that their letter is in the mail!
I forgot to tell you about the conference with Elder Ochoa! He is an awesome speaker. He talked to us about having the faith that there are elect in our area that are anxious to find the gospel. One of the biggest things that impacted me the most, was that he said to get rid of excuses for good, because they are the perfect weapon of Satan. He also told us that the excuses are contrary to the atonement of Christ. Wow! That really had an impact on me, and I hope it affected the missionaries. He said that he has a hole in his tongue from biting his tongue every time he wants to give an excuse. That got me thinking and I realized that when we give excuses we are saying that the Atonement of Christ isn’t good enough, that we aren’t doing everything so that He can help us. In a missionary sense, if we give excuses we are saying that we don’t have the faith to find new investigators , or even baptize. He spoke with power and authority and it was great to hear a General Authority speaking to the missionaries about this, because it is something that every missionary needs.

Nothing really new is going on. Next week are changes, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to see some of the Elders from my generation. Thanks for the letters! I really appreciate it. This is the Lord’s work! I’m so thankful to be here in the best mission in the world!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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