Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WEEK - 64 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

at "DairyQueen" in the big City D.F.

We had some BIG changes this week! We went to the changes meeting and when President Bulloch called the Zone Neza/Pantitlan he said, “Elder Rasmussen, you are going to work with, and your companion is going to be a Zone Leader and District Leader, Elder Galindo” Elder Galindo from Cuernavaca is my new companion, I already know him because he’s been one of our District Leaders for a while. He’s AWESOME! He’s a new zone leader so that means I’m “training” a new zone leader. Then President made some other changes. He told us that I was going to Elder Galindo’s area, and that they were going to put a new companionship in my area. So I changed from Palmar! I’m not there anymore, I’m across the street in the “D.F.” the Federal District- the REAL MEXICO CITY! It’s really different even though it’s just crossing the street.

Elder Galindo, Elder Nicholas, Elder Hilario at Chilis in D.F.

We have all new District Leaders in our zone too. Elder Tanner trained an Elder named Elder Acuña, and Elder Acuña trained Elder Hunt (one of the new district leaders in our zone), so Elder Tanner told me his “grandson” is in our zone. I have a really good feeling about this cycle! We are going to help the districts a lot this cycle. I think the biggest way we can do that is if we put the example as zone leaders. I know we’ll do great because the District Leaders are really excited! Elder Bertin was just called as a new zone leader too in the zone right next to mine, La Perla. Elder Tanner is in Aragon, right next to me as well, actually our areas touch. Elder Spencer is in my zone too!

Aprons for "Cow Tail soup" (imagine how messy that is . . . or once was !!?#! . . ) I wonder if the sister knew from experience that Elder Rasmussen needed an . . . Apron??

The other day the funniest thing happened. Wanna know how SMALL the world is?? We were in our area and my companion said that this one place had the BEST tacos al pastor! I couldn’t wait to try them, so I bought one real quick (it really was the best!). As I was eating everyone was surprised that I was a gringo and eating tacos. One of the guys came up and asked me “Hey where are you from?” I told him I was from Mesa Az, and he said “HEY! That’s my town!” I guess this guy worked in construction, and so I thought I’d just ask him if he had heard of “Image Roofing”, he looked at me with a smile and said “YEAH! I know that! My brother knows that company!” I didn’t get to meet his brother, but maybe he even worked for Dad! Dad, did you ever think I would meet someone that knows Image roofing in Mexico City?!?

I LOVED the package! Thanks so much! The picture of you guys at Dis is just great, and I loved the recording too! Having my picture there made me laugh so much! You guys are creative! If that’s what it takes to get mom to be in a picture do it! The cinnamon bears were great! (I still have a few more left), the honey comb is definably something you cannot find here! The magic trick is a lot of fun, I practiced with my companion right now, he says its really cool it should be fun to use that with the kids here, they really really like the magic tricks! I’m saving the hot tamales! Haha, and the girl scout cookies were great too. Thanks so much for the ties, I’m going to give one to my comp. It was a great package, thanks so much!

Okay, well sounds like everyone saw that video of me at the tacos. It’s kind of a funny story, every time there is a new Elder in the Zone they take them to these tacos called “Tacos Relajados” (Relaxed Tacos). The salsa is made completely of HABANERO! It isn’t spicy, it BURNS! When we got there everyone said “okay the tradition is that you have to eat at least two!” You can see that I ate the first one just fine and then all of a sudden I felt the burning down my insides! I was hiccupping a lot, which made it difficult to finish the second one. By the end of the second one I couldn’t feel my face! (Is that bad??) Dad, you told me to eat salt next time, and I did do that! I ate salt, sucked on a lime, and drank soda but nothing helped! It was so spicy I bet Uncle Bryan would cry! Elder Hilario got a good laugh out of that and insisted on showing the video to everyone! But hey, they were pretty spicy! I was sick for a whole week after, but I can’t complain because I was the one who ate the habanero sauce that burns intestines!

Trev & Elder Hilario . . . ADIOS ! ! ! !
We played soccer with the district leaders today. It started to rain so we played in the rain! That was pretty fun. Tomorrow we are going to go to the District classes in the zone to help the new district leaders. Uncle George told me in his recording that he didn’t know what a zone leader does. We are in charge of the 18 missionaries in our zone, we have to make sure the District leaders are doing their job, and helping the missionaries out. We really don’t have that much contact with many of the missionaries, so that’s why we have to go visit their district class. This Wednesday is the Zone Leader’s counsel at the temple square. It should be great!
Trent, I hope you like your present! It’s way better than mine! I would recommend a cheap case to put around it so that it doesn’t get ruined. And don’t worry, It will fit your Spanish scriptures, because they are a little bigger than in English.
Well, all is well here in Neza/ Pantitlan! We baptized a lady named Patricia and her son Angel yesterday, I forgot my camera so the missionary who took the picture is going to send it to me later. She was a miracle! She was an old investigator that the missionaries here had decided to not teach anymore because she wasn’t progressing. We visited her and used President Bulloch’s “Baptismal Invitation”, and she accepted to be baptized! It was a miracle. The mission is FULL of miracles, everyday we see them. Trent when you get to the field, always remember that it is great to visit “antiguos investigadores”.
Elder Galindo an I get along great, and we’re ready to work hard together! I love you and hope everything is going well there. We only have a few more weeks with President Bulloch! We’re going to miss him a lot, but I know President Hicken will be just as great! The mission is strong, and ready for a change of mission President without rebellious missionaries.

I KNOW this is the work of the LORD! I know there are miracles everyday in this great work. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be here in Mexico. I know this is where I’m supposed to be. I know that mission calls are inspired. I know that if we obey, and “work exceedingly” the Lord will bless us with much fruit, and he will protect us.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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