Monday, April 26, 2010

WEEK - 65 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hey everyone-

This week sure was different. Elder Miller (that used to be a secretary) was with us all week. His companion went home so he stayed with us all week. Another missionary is going home so he is going to have a companion from now on. So I had my first gringo companion- for a week!

Elder Galindo and I saw a ton of miracles this week! We have a whole family working towards their baptismal date for the 25 of April. The Lopez Cruz family is awesome! Hermelinda is the mom, Carlos is the dad, Lupe is their daughter and Abigail is their granddaughter. They went to see Elder Millers baptism on Sunday and liked it so much. They are ready to be baptized this week!

I think I told you last week about Claudia, the sister we were going to baptize on Sunday. She was all ready to go and then Sunday we went to her house and she wasn’t there! She wasn’t baptized this week, so we’re going to have to see what’s going on. When we were trying to find her yesterday we were using a payphone, when we found out the phone didn’t work we were looking for another one when a lady in a “tortilleria” (tortilla store) told us “Hey Elder I’ll give you five pesos if you want to call from the other phone!” We didn’t recognize her and forgot all about the 5 pesos and instead introduced ourselves. Turns out Yulirsa is Candi’s mom, Candi is a member of about 4 years but hasn’t gone in a while. Candi’s younger brother used to go to church with her but after a while they stopped going. We invited them to church and everyone went but Yurlisa. Yurlisa told me she has wanted to be baptized for a long time but couldn’t because she was living with her husband that didn’t want to get baptized. They are going to be baptized in a few weeks. You see how the Lord just blesses us?! Isn’t this the best work ever!

The internet café we’re using today doesn’t have a place to put the memory card so I guess I’ll have to send pictures next week!

We went to the Zone Leaders counsel this week. It was great! It is so great to be there with all the other zone leaders planning for the next cycle. President Bulloch wants EVERYTHING to be ready for when President Hicken gets here! He told us that when he got here it was really really hard for him. The missionaries were just really tough on him, and didn’t want to let him lead the mission. He warned us that Satan is going to try really hard to get the mission to disobey so that the missionaries rebel when President Hicken gets here. I know the mission will be ready for this big change. But I know President Hicken will bless our mission so so much! This is the best mission in the world. We are led by a man who honors our Heavenly Father and is led by the Spirit! It really is the best.

Answers to the “tips to make your letter better” (haha!)

“Describe the foods that you eat. What do you eat at each meal? How is it

prepared? Etc.”- Normally the sisters give us a bowl of soup- a lot of times its vegetable soup, or a soup they call fideo. A lot of times they give us rice that is the best! Then they give us the meal. We have eaten a lot of chicken- so much chicken! A really famous food and really easy to make is a piece of breaded chicken breast, salad and beans. They always serve it with a bunch of lime and salsa, and of course corn tortillas- they can’t eat without their tortillas!

“Describe grocery shopping. What is shopping like? How is it different from

shopping at home? What sort of things do you buy when you go shopping?”- Grocery shopping is different. There is a grocery store called “Bodega Aurrera” where we normally go shopping. A Bodega is like a storage place, and it literally looks like that inside! Its kind of set up like Costco, but not as nice. It’s like a big storage that they turn into a grocery store. We usually just buy cereal to eat for breakfast and cheap formula milk that they sell because real milk is expensive. It’s really not that much cheaper here either!

“Describe how, when, and where you do your laundry.”- Today we went to the Stake President’s house to wash our laundry. We stick in their washer and then hang it up in the house to dry. We usually do it early in the morning but because we left early today, we did it just now.

Trent, that is crazy about the volcano! I think you’ll be just fine though. We have a volcano right here and when it spits out a bit of ash nothing happens, so don’t worry! I can’t believe your’re heading off soon! I know you’ll do great! The Lord has prepared people in that area just for you to teach and take into the waters of baptism. You’ll do great, I just know it!

Sam is already taking off! Wow! If you could send me his information that would be great. I’d like to email him or write him. Uruguay is awesome! I think he’s going to be in President Bullcoh’s son’s mission too! He’s a zone leader there right now and is teaching them a lot of the traditions we have here. That will be fun!

Today we went to the Zocalo. They have an exhibition right now on the history of Mexico- it was awesome! It made me proud to be a Mexican! Haha Next week we’re going to see if we can go to Teotihuacan because Elder Galindo used to be in that area so he knows where we can find all the stuff they sell but a lot cheaper! Ifyou want something more of what I have sent you I’ll be able to find it really cheap. We had a fun preparation day, and now back to work!

I just want to let you know I’m so thankful to be here. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else! President Bulloch inspires us to do the best we can. Today he told us “Do the best that you can” and I plan to do that. I want to work so hard so that they have to carry me off of the plane! I want to be tired everyday from working so hard! I love this Church, I love this work, I love the people that I’ve been called to serve.

-Elder Rasmussen

Ps- Elder Galindo is going to send a picture of me, President Bulloch and Elder Galindo doing a sign with our hands. It’s the “Neza” sign because Nezahualcoyotl means “hungry coyote”!! So we took a picture with President Bulloch and then I suggested we do the Neza sign, he said yes and we did it right there! It was really funny!

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