Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WEEK - 73 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hey everyone!

We had our zone activity today, we went to the wax museum and the Ripley s Believe it or Not. It was a lot of fun and we’re sure the missionaries enjoyed it.

All you need now Elder Ras is the sombrero and you will look Mexicano

Our zone baptized 12 children of our Heavenly Father yesterday! There are 9 companionship's in our zone, and our goal each week is 10, but this week we passed it. The Lord truly blessed us.

Baptism of Yulirsa Mexicano Ortigoza

Elder Galindo and I baptized Elizabeth’s daughter Yulirza. She was so excited to be baptized this week! She has always wanted to be baptized since her brother was, but she was too young when he was baptized. Their family is great! Zeyka (Yuli’s and Victor’s grandma, Elizabeth’s mom) tells us we’re her boys! Haha she always wants to feed us. It was kind of funny on Saturday she gave us each a bright green tie with yellow squares on it. It’s not the prettiest tie you’ve ever seen, but she wanted both of us to wear to church on Sunday. We both wore it on Sunday and everyone was laughing at us! It was pretty funny, but hey, she’s our mom! We couldn’t not wear it.

We are teaching a 35 year old man named Alberto. He is a taxi driver and a referral from the Meza family. The Meza family always helps us out (we wash our clothes with them on Mondays). They gave us the referral. We went to their house to teach and Alberto gladly accepted his baptismal date. He went to church last week by himself and this week he came with his 12 and 8 year old boys. He is battling with cigarette but he has the faith to do it! He knows that he needs to stop, he used to smoke a box of cigarettes every day! Sometimes 2! I know he’ll do it, but he’s going to need a lot of help. We’re praying for him. Oh there’s also another miracle! His wife when she found out he was going to be baptized kind of got upset and definitely didn’t want to talk to us. This Sunday we went by their house to pick up his kids and she came out and said that next week she’ll come with us. I sure hope so!

Last night I guess I got up about 2 or 3 in the morning and with my fist I hit my companion in the back!?! Today when I got up he told me I had done that and I had no idea! I guess I still sleep walk. Normally I wake up because when I get off the bunk bed I wake myself up, but that didn’t happen this time! Oh well! Maybe I should take some drugs to get to sleep?!

This week Elder Galindo and I saw a lot of miracles. We worked really hard during the week, but almost everyone turned us down. We do a lot of contacting in the street, but that doesn’t seem to be working out in this area because everyone either lies to us or when we get there to their house they don’t really want anything. We might try knocking doors or visiting the members more. We’re in the Federal District (DF) so just about EVERYONE works during the day. Its so hard to find members at home during the day. But the Lord is blessing us, I know all the success we’ve had comes from Him!

Sounds like Trent is settling in well at the MTC. I remember the goals they put with us to pray in Spanish the second day! I was looking at my MTC journal entries and I remembered all those good times we had in the MTC. My MTC district is doing great here in MX. Elder Israelsen is a new District Leader this cycle, Elder Kartchner is also a new District Leader. Elder Spencer is still in our zone, and Elder Bertin is the zone leader in the zone right next to me. Everyone is doing great and having a lot of success! I don’t like to think about how much time I have left in the mission because it goes by way too fast, but I’m starting to realize that my time left here is growing shorter and shorter. President Bulloch is a great example of working hard until the end! I want to be like that and work my hardest until the very end! He told me that he was called for 36 months and not 35! What a great example he’s been to us.

Elder Galindo is a great Elder! I don’t think I’ve bragged about how great my companion is. He is really humble, and so ready to work hard. He teaches great and has taught me a lot. I feel like he’s my senior companion! We are always having fun, and really make a great team. I hope we have another cycle together but he already has been here for 5 transfers (7 months).This is his fifth, so he’ll probably have changes next cycle.

That’s all for this week. I want to write Trent! This work is the BEST! I’m so thankful for a brother serving as well. This is the Lord’s work, we see His hand every week in the work. I know every bit of success we have comes from Him. And if we think we are doing anything for our own we are completely wrong!

Les amo un buen!

-Elder Rasmussen

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