Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK - 48 Ixtapaluca



Wow I can't believe the year is almost over! It has gone by so fast! Elder Kartchner and I were talking about how fast its gone, and we can't believe we're going to hit a year! We just gone done with our Zone activity, we went to the Metro station and sang while Elder Kartchner played the violin! We all wrapped Books of Mormon with our testimony on the inside. It was a lot of fun, and I know a lot of the people felt the spirit in the metro- even though we don't sing that great! Just a little side note, in that CD I sent home there was a video of Elder Segura selling hangers. It’s funny because that’s how the people yell when they sell things on the metro station, today we were singing while they were trying to sell! Haha!

Our District activity is going to be the 25. The 24 is a work day, at 730 Elder Juarez is going to call, and then we received an invitation to eat dinner at a sister’s house. The 25 we're doing our District activity and then going to the San Andres family to call you guys. President encouraged us to find a family or someone on the 24 or 25 that progresses towards baptism. We're going to do it too! Our District activity is going to help us get a lot of referrals. We're going to visit 5 families for every companionship, we're going to sing, share a message, ask for referrals, and leave with another hymn.
The San Andres family number is-XXXXX, but just use the number you already had. Can you call between 7 and 7 30? We'll be there waiting at 7, and I'll have the phone card just in case. Sound good? I'm excited to talk to you guys! It's going to be fun. Hope you enjoy your Christmas package!!

The 12 days of Christmas thing has been so much fun. I think I have one of the most creative families! The scripture clues are great! I told Elder Juarez to wait to open all of his until Christmas, but he wanted to open one so he opened his tie. I really like the ties you gave me! I wore the all red one today to the activity, and Elder Wright in my district wants to trade me for it!!

I don't think I told you yet, we received a referral from a sister that lives in a little town called Montecorona. Maybe I did tell you, I don’t remember. The sister’s cousin isn’t a member, her name is Areli and has always wanted to get baptized but needs to get married first. This week we're going to take them to get married, and she'll be baptized this week! We also found a sister whose kids have already been baptized but she couldn't at the time. Now she wants to be baptized and her date is also for this week, her name is Connie.

Tomorrow we're going with our Stake to the Visitors Center. Our Stake President is renting a big bus to take all the missionaries and 5 investigators. It’s going to be a great time and I hope the investigators feel the Spirit on the temple grounds.

This has been a great time to be a representative of Christ. People are even busier during this time of the year, and almost nobody wants to take ten minutes to listen to us, but I know they feel the spirit when we testify of Christ and His birth. I know He lives, and that He is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that He came to this earth for that very purpose and that all we have to do is come unto Him and he can help us and change us more than we know. I have seen many sons and daughters of God change their lives as they truly accept Him in their lives. What a great time of the year, Merry Christmas everyone!
-Elder Rasmussen

PS- TRENT!!!!! OH Man I am just freaking out knowing your getting your call!! I'm so excited I'm letting out little cries of excitement as well!! Our Assistant's brother got his call to the North Mexico City

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