Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK - 49 Ixtapaluca

Trent, you’re waiting?!? You sound like those investigators that want to stop smoking and drinking coffee when the new year starts!! I’m dying here buddy!! All I can say is that you better call the San Andres family or email them ON NEW YEARS EVE!!! I’m going to be waiting anxiously in the house! (we have to be in the house at 630!!)
Wow! Elder Juarez and I saw a huge miracle yesterday!! There is a family who was baptized about 6 months ago, but the Dad was never baptized because he had word of wisdom problems, and is always gone. This brother, Gervacio, has wanted to be baptized but never could resolve his problems. Yesterday we were at church and long story short, the sister we were going to baptize couldn’t be baptized! Gervacio came to church and excitedly told us that he was ready to be baptized! It truly was a miracle, and Gervacio was so excited to get baptized. It was such a great experience, to see the Atonement working in this brothers life! Now this family can progress towards the temple in a year.
It was great to talk to you all on Christmas! That was the shortest hour ever!! I really enjoyed talking to everyone, and Sister San Andres did too! I can’t believe Trent is getting his call! I’m pretty excited and anxiously awaiting! Everyone sounds so grown up! Seth is getting his Eagle, Chad is driving…Uncle George is singing! Oh… haha just kidding G, love ya! It was funny, you asked me to speak some Spanish and I kind of forgot I was there with the San Andres Family and I was just saying a bunch of random things, afterwards they asked me why I was saying random things! They thought it was pretty funny. After talking to you, we ate dinner and headed t o the house. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know I did, thanks to all of you! You made it really great for Elder Juarez and I. He didn’t get anything from his family so I know he appreciated his package, and I did too thanks so much!
Everyone liked our district activity! We had a good time, and I know the investigators liked it, even though we don’t sound that great! I recorded it and took some pictures to send you next week, my computer won’t send them right now.
We married a couple today, Arely and Danny. Arely is going to be baptized this Sunday, Danny her husband is already a member. It was kind of funny, we went to get them married, and I was one of the witnesses. They told me not to ask questions and to just sign my name. We looked after and saw they put my name as Ramiro Hernandez Sanchez! Haha, oops! Oh well, at least we got them married that’s what counts.
I hope you have a great happy new year! I encourage you to set goals for this coming year of how many people you want to share the gospel with. I know if you put the goal, Heavenly Father will bless you to be able to achieve it. Love you all,
-Elder Rasmussen

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