Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK - 47 Ixtapaluca

Hola familia!!

We helped a single sister in the ward paint her house today. She bribed all the missionaries to come help with homemade pizza! I hope you liked the package, I know you might not like the statue of Popocateptl and Itzacihuatl, but I just thought it would be cool because its such a big deal here in this area!

Thanks so much for the package you sent! I am truly enjoying it! Our house has 7 years in the mission so there was an old Christmas tree here with lights and...what are those things called?...ornaments. I really enjoyed the tie you sent and the CD is awesome! Thanks so much, all the missionaries thought the 12 days of Christmas thing was pretty neat! Thanks for being so creative!

Maddie!! I can't believe you're turning 10 tomorrow!?!?! Thats CRAZY! You look so big too! I cant wait for you to get your Birthday present! You get a birthday present AND a Christmas present from me! You're lucky! Ahora voy a cantar.... Feliz cumpleaños a tí, feliz cumpleaños a ti! Feliz cumpleaños a Maddie, feliz cumpleaños a ti! (Now I sing .... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Maddie, happy birthday to you! ) Love ya Mads!

This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple in DF! It was such an amazing experience! The Temple here is really really pretty. It was great to see President Bulloch and his wife there with us in the session too! After the session we all went to the Temple cafeteria and ate, then we went to the Stake Center and had a devotional. The Spirit was there so strong in the chapel, we had a testimony meeting first and then Presidente spoke. He told us how we could spend Christmas. He said we could be with the members on Christmas Eve and Christmas for three hours, “OR BETTER you could work in the work of the Lord and find a family.” He said several things like that, he gave us the option to choose if we want to work or be with a family on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We're going to do a District service activity at a Hospital I think. I'm trying to plan it out right now, but that should be fun!

Okay family, I cant believe you guys ate the HOT TAMALES!!! I saw a picture a while ago that you were going to put them in my package, and have been anxiously awaiting them along with all the other gringos in my district! I listened to your tape and had to laugh when you all were enjoying them! Haha sorry, it was just pretty funny to me.

TRENT! I cant believe you have your papers in already!! That's so awesome bud! I can't wait to see wehre you go! I'm praying that you'll go to the best mission in the world- MISIÓN MÉXICO ESTE!!!

Allright we have to go, we have to head out to a little “pueblito” or little town called Miguel Avila Camacho. Its up in the mountains, where there's two wards. We received a referral and we're going to go check to see if she can be baptized this week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Rasmussen

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