Saturday, September 4, 2010

WEEK - 82 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Hola! 9-Ago-2010
Hey Everyone!
Wow what a great week, again! We baptized a man named David yesterday. He and his girlfriend are heading to the US soon, and so he came to church and said he had this desire to change and do better. He used to do drugs and other things, but he has really changed his life around. Another great chance to see the Atonement in the lives of these amazing people.

Well today I don't have much time to write. We received a call from the Assistants' asking us to go to Aragon (where the Temple is) to pick up one of the new Mexican Elders. I'm with Elder Lopez from Utah because both of our companions finished the mission. That made us kind of late and so here we are trying to write really quick.

NEWS ABOUT THE AMERICANS- Okay so here's the story about what happened with Elder Reed not having a visa at the end of his mission when it was time for him to fly home . It's really not as bad as you all think... well it's bad but not so bad. When we come to the mission, we have a visa for about a year and a half. When that time is up, we have to ask for the visa again from the government. Well it turns out that somebody in the church offices here in Mexico didn't do something right, and they didn't get their visa renewed on time. So the missionaries that were going to leave, didn't have their visa and if they try to leave it would create a ton of problems for the Church and for the visas. So they are all back in their areas again. Elder Reed is in our zone with three other gringos, they go home hopefully sometime this week with the rest of them. It's pretty crazy, but its not anything like not letting them go home because of the state they're from. I don't think they even see that!
Funny story, this week I got in a taxi and the taxi driver asks me, "Where you from guero? (whitey!haha) Arizona??" I was like "Uhh, no, why do you say that?" I guess everyone is still upset about the law, I really don't know what's going on over there so I have no problem saying I'm from Utah.

Well I'm really sorry I can't write more, we have to go. Tell everyone I said hi and please send this to Trent. It sounds like he's doing just great! I know he will be an incredible missionary.

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