Sunday, September 19, 2010

WEEK - 87 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

Sept 13,2010


Hey everyone!
Wow what another great week! I’m truly enjoying being a full time missionary, and the best part is waking up everyday and knowing I have another day in the Lord’s work! It is an adventure, and the best thing. I’m so grateful I’m here in this wonderful country, with these people in this Ward. I really love them and their great attitude.  
This Wednesday is the 16th of September, and Mexico celebrates 200 years  since the Mexican Revolution! It’s going to be pretty crazy around here, so we all have to be in the house at 6pm and we can’t leave until 12 the next day. They’re so patriotic! EVERY house has a Mexican flag flying on their roof. This time of year is known for the awesome food they have. PAMBAZOS are awesome. It’s a roll soaked in chile, fried on a pan then with potatoe and chorizo, lettuce, sour cream and cheese…yumm! VIVA MEXICO!

We were able to do divisions with our District Leaders this week. That was a good experience. When I went to Palmar I was able to visit Patricia. She is still strong and active! She reads the Book of Mormon all the time, and she told me that she talked to her nephew in Idaho (who is also a member) and he told her that he would come to visit when she goes to the Temple in a year! I also went with the Assistant, Elder Rhoten. He’s been a great leader and friend to me, he taught me a lot on the divisions and I’m grateful for that.

I received a letter from the Reyes Garcia family from San Buena. I’m going to translate it and share it with you.
“Elder Rasmussen-
Hello Elder, thanks for the letter. We hope that you are well, thanks for writing us to know that you are okay. Well we really miss you and are waiting anxiously to enter the Temple and feel a great joy in our hearts. “ Jessica goes on to say that she went to EFY and has plans to go to Bene, the church school here in MX City. Braulio her little brother is going to be baptized soon. Sergio and Sara are working in church with their callings. Jessica finishes the letter like this, “We’ll see you in the HOUSE OF THE LORD, thank you for coming into our lives. In 5 months I’ll be in Bene and at 21 years I’ll be in THE MISSION, and I’ll be a sister who will take more precious souls to our Heavenly Father .”

They’re doing just great! President Hicken gave me permission to call them to make sure they start their preparation classes! I don’t know what’s going on in their ward, but the Bishop still hasn’t interviewed Braulio for baptism and he’s been 8 for a few months now. They  are so excited! In December you’ll see a picture of us!

Elder Lara and I are having a lot of success. We had 10 investigators in Church yesterday, and we feel privileged to see the Lord’s hand in this work. He is truly blessing us. I know that if we have success at all, it comes from him! This week we baptized Dario Hernandez Marquez. He was sooo excited! It was fun to see. In sacrament meeting they announced that he was going to be baptized and when they did he stood up really excited, without them asking him to. We baptized Gilberto, Elizabeth’s nephew, and Brayan a 9 year  old from a less active family. We have had to teach this family as if they were investigators, and it’s been a great experience to see them coming back to church after years of being inactive.

Maegan- Great work with missionary work! I would suggest to keep on encouraging your friend to read AND pray. I don’t know if you’ve done that, but one thing I’ve definitely learned in the field, is that if they NEVER read and pray, they’ll NEVER know. Help her to understand that she needs to take Moroni’s promise. I suggest that you do it as well, so that your can testify with power that this promise is true. If you do that, she’ll want to have that same answer. Remember EVERYTHING depends on whether the Book of Mormon is true or not. EVERYTHING. Keep it up Maeg!
That’s  all for this week! Les amo un buen!
-Elder Ras

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