Sunday, September 19, 2010

WEEK - 86 Neza/Pantitlan Zone (Senior ZL)

México, Distrito Federal, México

Wow, a lot happened this week. Last Tuesday we had our zone leader’s council, we basically went over what we accomplished in August and put goals for September. Our zone has a huge goal, and I have faith we can complete it for this month. On Thursday we had our zone conference with La Perla. Elder Bertin directed, and Elder Lara and I gave our training. We used parts of the Best Two Years for our training, and everyone liked that. I was kind of nervous, but I know Heavenly Father helped me because I wasn’t nearly as nervous as the first time I trained in a zone conference! Afterwards we ate tacos al pastor (yuuummm) and root beer floats! There’s a dollar store here in Mexcio city that sells root beer. Of course it’s not A & W or anything but hey its root beer!
Today we had our zone activity. We played football in the morning while a brother from Pantitlan Ward, named Hermano Juan, made us “Gringas”. They’re flour tortillas with a ton of cheese and AL PASTOR meat in the middle! (yuuummmm!!) We watched the Best Two Years and then we went bowling. Everyone liked the shirts we made, and I hope it helps them stay excited to meet their goals for September. We have some missionaries that are going home this cycle, and it seems like they’ve lost the desire to keep finding people to baptize. It’s really sad, and I think we can do all we can to help them, but they have to decide to do it. I know how I want to finish my mission, and I’m going to try so hard to be able to do it!!

My companion and I found a new family this week. Elizabeth and her kids are really humble, and accepted their baptismal date. Even though she worked all Saturday night, she went with us to church yesterday. I know she’ll be baptized! Elizabeth (Seyka’s daughter, Yulirsa and Victor’s mom) is active and helping he kids. Victor is the Deacon’s quorum president, Yuli is the counselor in the Young Women’s organization, and Adolfo and Victor pass the sacrament every week. Fabiola was confirmed this week, and they will be able to enter the temple in a year from September 5th!  Dulirza is having a hard time right now. There isn’t anyone to stay in her tortilleria so she has had to stay and work it for a while, and Brandon is also having a hard time. I would appreciate your prayers for him!
Our ward is doing a lot better!! I’m so excited to see the change in the members. We did our play again but there were only about 30 people, not the turn out we wanted but the ones who went loved it.

I’m so thankful to be here! Time is flying by, so I’m trying to take advantage of every second. President Hicken encouraged us to never never lose a day in the mission. This is the Lord’s work, I know He has prepared many to accept the gospel. I know that in every part of the world there are elect. I encourage you to keep on with your missionary efforts! Sometimes the members here tell us that they’ve already invited a ton of people and that nobody accepts. We just assure them that they’ll receive the blessings and to keep on working hard in the Lord’s work!
Les amo un buen!
Elder Ras

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