Sunday, September 26, 2010


Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 4:06 PM
Where do I start?
On Saturday at 10:15, President Hicken called me and asked "Elder Rasmussen, how long have you been out there in Neza?"
I told him 7 months, and how much I have grown to love the zone and the area. He told me that sometimes we have to have changes, then he said that day he had to send his assistant on a plane home and that he was missing one. He told me he was calling me to extend that calling to me. I said "Wow...I feel really inadequate" haha pretty lame huh? I guess I could have said something a little more faithful, but oh well. He said that when he was called as mission president he felt the same way, but that's when the Lord calls us. Then he asked me if that was a yes! haha, I said yes of course.
Yesterday, Sunday, I had to be in the Temple at 8:30 am because I went with Elder Lopez, the assistant. He goes home this next cycle (11/22), and  I needed to go today to learn how to train the new missionaries because starting next cycle I'LL be training a new assistant and be the senior assistant?!
It's hard to describe my feelings. I've been really trying to be the missionary and leader the Lord wants me to be. My companion, Elder Lara, is just great. He has helped me realize some things I need to do better as a leader. And I plan to really put them into practice.
I know the Lord has given me this assignment, I just need to trust in him and do the best I can.
It reminds me of a talk by Pres. Eyring in April, he said-
"This is the Lord’s Church. He called us and trusted us even in the weaknesses He knew we had. He knew the trials we would face. By faithful service and through His Atonement, we can come to want what He wants and be what we must be to bless those we serve for Him. As we serve Him long enough and with diligence, we will be changed. We can become ever more like Him."

I know I have a lot of weaknesses, but I also know that if I am diligent and trust in Him and His Atonement, I will be able to serve Him completely.
I love this work, and I feel really privileged to be here in The Mission. I know there are miracles if we have faith in the Lord and then act. Thank you for your love and support.
Love you,
ps- I want you to know that Mondays are going to be a little different now. Sometimes we don't have time to write at all.

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