Monday, January 3, 2011

WEEK - 101 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP

HOLA! Feliz año nuevoa todos!
I hope you had a great new year! Ours was...NOT quiet! Our neighbors decided to throw a big party and I slept pretty well from about 1030 to 12 and then I was woken up by all the millions of firecrackers for the next hour. It was alright though, some members brought us pizza because we had to be in the house at 600 that was really nice of them! The sister's son is in the mission in California. Those sisters always take special care of us! Mom I'm sorry the missionaries were rude, if I were there I would have said something to them!

WOW! Elder Walk and I saw a ton of miracles!!

First- Laura got baptized! Her boyfriend is the one next to her, Jo-el is from Nigeria and he's progressing towards his baptism as well.
Second- In the food appointment this week on Thursday we asked the Sister if she knew anyone we could visit, she sat there thinking for a second and said the usual- "Well, we've talked to that lady, and that lady, and that family... and nobody wants to!" Then she thought for a second and said "Actually there's two families I want you to visit.." They lived almost in front of her, and we went to visit them. One of the families listened to us but didn't want to go to church. We contacted Rosy and she was in her "estetica" (she's a hairstylist),she was cutting somebody's hair when we knocked her door. She stopped cutting and came running to talk to us. She is great! Her husband, and four kids are very elect. They all watched us with earnestness in their eyes as we explained the Restoration. One of the kids looked at us and said "Wow, that's the easiest thing to understand I've ever heard!" The Garcia family went to church this sundayand are progressing to their baptism on the 16.

Third- On Wednesday we were in the food appointment and when we asked the sister if she knew anyone we could visit- she said yes. She took us down stairs in her apartment building and Monica's son came out. He told us that she was showering and we put a return appointment. We didn't really think she would go to the appointment, because we never talked to her. We got a phone call from the sister at the hour of the appointment telling us to hurry over because Monica was there waiting for us. We hurried over and it was one of the best lessons we have ever taught. In two years, I think it was one of the most spirit filled lessons. And why? Because Monica came prepared for the appointment. After we started the lesson, she asked if she could share something with us. She said that after she got out of the shower, her son told her we had gone by, and so she KNELT DOWN and ASKED Heavenly Father if this was the way, "el camino", for her and her family. She said she felt a "cry", and she knew that that was what she needed to do. She shared with us yesterday at church that she has had a dream three times now that she is pregnant with a girl, that she feels is her and that she needs to "be reborn again". We quickly showed her in her Book of Mormon Alma 7:14-15. She started reading, got about two lines down and raised her eyebrows and said, "OOH...That's what it means!" She then looked at us and said, "Well, I think I need to be baptized then." Elder Walk and I looked at her , jaws open, and said "Uh-huh". Wow! The Lord prepares his elect. It was a great experience for us, and we were really thankful for the opportunity to meet somebody so elect. She needs to get divorced and married, but we're confident we can do it before the 16!

I am loving my time here in Mexico. Everyday I say to myself "The Standard of Truth", and as I do, I feel an excitement and fire in the bones that makes me want to go out and contact everyone! I love the work, I love Mexico, I love Heavenly Father's children. I want to give it my all every second!
Les amo un buen!
Elder Rasmussen

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