Sunday, January 2, 2011

WEEK - 98 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP

Hola familia, cómo estan?
       My companion and I are enjoying another great week in the work of the  Lord! We baptized Arturo yesterday. He kept saying how nervous he was, but
he was just really excited. Teresa cried during Arturo´s baptism as well, she was just so happy to see her son to be baptized! I'll have to send the picture next week, this computer won't let me load the pictures. 
I have some great news! The Reyes Garcia family is going to enter the Temple this week! This Friday the 17 we have our zone conference with Elder Tenorio, second counselor in the area presidency. Then afterwards I'll be going to the Temple with this great family, of course, with Elder Martinez. I received permission from President Hicken to call them and they were just so, so excited! It has been really hard for them these past few months, but they've kept strong and have made it to the goal.  Now the goal is to keep on going until the Celestial kingdom. I'm so thankful that we met this sweet family. I love them so much, I feel like they're part of my family!! What a blessing to know such wonderful sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. This is their message-

Estamos muy felices de poder comunicarle que por fin llegó el momento tan deseado por nosotros como familia  ¡YA TENEMOS NUESTRAS RECOMENDACIONES PARA ENTRAR AL TEMPLO! solo nos falta las entrevistas de Jessica y Braulio que serán el viernes 10 de diciembre con el obispo y ya solicitamos fecha para el sellamiento será el Viernes 17 de Diciembre a las 10:00 am; Elder por favor contacte al edler Martínez para que nos puedan acompañar, les extrañamos un buen, pero en fin ese día podremos platicar de muchas cosas, estamos muy agradecidos de que Dios los enviara a nuestras vidas y sabemos que cada día nos llena de bendiciones.                                               

"We are happy to tell you that the awaited moment has come for us as a family. WE HAVE OUR RECOMMENDS TO ENTER THE TEMPLE! Jessica and Braulio are going to be interviewed on the 10 and we already ahve the date for the 17 of December at 10. We miss you a ton, but we'll talk alot on this day. We're thankful that God sent you to our lives and we know that each day He fills us with blessings."

Great family huh? I'll send the picture next Monday.
We trained the new Elderes today. What a great group! Everyone of them seemed really excited to get out and  work. In our training we talked about working diligently, and giving your all to the Lord. I told them that they need to take advantage of everyday and work hard. President Hicken stood up after and said "Elder Rasmussen knows that the time flies, he's on his last cycle!" Everyone just kind of looked at me all weird and said, "Really?!" haha, one Elder even said, "Wow you look pretty excited for someone that's going home!" I said, "Hey, hey, hey I'm not going home yet!" Everyone seems to say those kind of things when they know its the last cycle. Anyways, the training was just great. Elder Walk is a great trainer. He shared an experience with them of how we contacted Teresa at night, and shared a scripture in Matthew 10:39 about getting lost in the work. It was a great training, but President Hicken's was even better. He is so wise and he just gets us so excited to get out there and work when he talks!

I'd like to share with you what President Hicken shared with us today in his letter-
"May God bless you. Do good always. Be obedient with exactness. Keep being constant. I promise you that if you do it, God will be satisfied when you finish your mission and He will tell you in that day as he did to Enos. "Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. "
THAT is a promise from the Lord's representative for this mission. I know it is true that if we do these things, the Lord will be able to tell us this.  Be obedient with exactness. Be constant.
Les amo,
Elder Rasmussen

Que Dios les bendiga. Hagan lo bueno siempre. Sean obedientes con exactitud.  Sigan constantes. Les prometo que si hacen esto Dios será satisfecho cuando terminan sus misiones y les dirá en aquel día como dijo a Enós. Enós 1:27 Ven a mí, tú, que bendito eres; hay un lugar preparado para ti en las dmansiones de mi Padre.

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