Sunday, January 2, 2011

WEEK - 99 Casas Aleman / Aragón Zone - AP

Hola Familia-
What a great week! Zone Conference with Elder Tenorio, Temple with Reyes family, and a whole lot of miracles!!
Zone Conference with Elder Tenorio was just great. Sister Hicken talked to us about being disciples of Christ. She shared with us the story of the pioneer Henry Clegg. It was such a great story and she finished it by saying Henry Clegg wrote in his journal entry after all the hard times he had “Still Moving” (Sigo Adelante). We are starting this tradtion in the mission now, Sigo Adelante means we are still moving even though it gets tough. We have to have that faith and trust in the Lord. President Hicken’s talk was great. He shared with us how he went to the grocery store and saw a cereal that he hadn’t seen before that was called “Peace Cereals”. He said as he was eating the cereal he read the box and it described that all the profits from the cereal go to a foundation, and that was why it had the title the way it did. President asked us if we were a cereal what would our name be? We talked about that for a while and we talked about what we would want our name to be and how sometimes our name might be what we dont want it to be. Elder Tenorio talked to us about Mosiah chapters 12-16. We had to study them and then we had a discussion about it. They are really great chapters, and I felt that the central theme is on the Atonement. He shared with us on how to have more faith when we pray and how to really ask in faith. He read with us the story of Rebecca in the bible and shared with u show the servant did everything he could then prayed to the Lord asking Him that the first girl he saw would be the one. He shared experiences with us about that and said how we need to do everything on our part then we can expect and wait for the Lord to make up the rest. Afterwards I had my interview with him and that was quite an experience. It was short and simple, but just to be there with him and feel of his spirit was really awesome!
After the conference I ran over to the Temple to meet the Reyes family. They were so happy to see me, they were waving at me from inside the doors as son as they saw me. The session was great and the sealing was amazing. I was smiling so big and the Spirit was so strong. Afterwards they hug eachother as a family as the sealer told them to look into the mirrors at their new eternal family. I felt so honored to be there and to see them and to be a part of that special momento for them as a family. They told me they HAVE to go to the airport to say bye, I told them it would be at 5:30 and thy said “We dont care! We’ll be there!”
On Saturday my companion and I decided to put into practice what we learned from Elder Tenorio. We had two experiences, first- As you may know we have a rule that we cannot teach women wth just as and them. We had an appointment Saturday morning with a single sister and knew we had to take someone. We called everyone and nobody could. We prayed and asked the Lord to help us, to somehow make sure there was a man in the appointment. We got there and the first thing Laura said was “I want to introduce you to my brother who just got in from out of town.” We smiled and walked in and he was there for the whole lesson and wants us to send the missionaries to him in Tlaxcala. Second- We were working hard and all of a sudden we had some people cancel their appointment and we had a big space in our agenda before the next appointment. We didn’t know where to go, so we decided to pray. We found a somewhat quite nook  by a big apartment building (really hard to fidn in Mexico City!) and said a prayer. We asked Heavenly Father to help us to find a family of three that could progress and be baptized. We said we would do all our part to find them  through contacts and knocking doors. We went to work and the first man we contacted said he couldn’t listen to us but in that time his wife walked up and said we could contact her as well. She said that she couldn’t listen to us right then either and then we asked if we could introduce ourselves to her mom. She called her mom and her mom let us into her home. We got in and we asked if there was anyone else, and she said “Yes, my husband and my 11 year old daughter”!!  Those three accepted their baptismal date and went to Church with us yesterday.  This to me is a proof tha this is the Lord’s work and that He is willing to bless us with His tender mercies.
I hope everyone has a great Christmas! I can't wait to talk to you this week. As we remember Christ at this time, we should do all we can to be like Him, and to develop His attributes. I am so thankful for this time to serve and represent Him. I know and testify that as we do so, we come to know Him better and His Atonement.
Feliz Navidad!
-Elder Rasmussen

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