Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MTC - Week 2

Dad's perspective: As we walked his luggage to a designated spot we saw all the parents coming out from the previous Missionary drop-off session with "red eyes", and wondered . . . Ok, well inside with about 300 others we watched several Mormon Ads that had us thinking about Trevor serving. We had a kind of orientation talk from the MTC Mission President, then we used their band aid analogy . . . part quickly and it won't hurt as much . . . we gave hugs and said last goodbye's . . . it worked pretty well as he was walking out signing the "I love you" we often do when someone is leaving the house, and we gave him back the "two" sign.. . . And he was gone and we were left there with "Red Eyes" as they shuffled us out for the next group coming in.
Now for Trevor's rest of the day:
When you guys left and I went out the door behind us, we went and got our shots and everything. I ended up paying for my flu shot, I figured it would make my madre feel better. Then we went and I met mi companero. His name is Ethan Kartchner (as in, "Kartchner Caverns") He's
from Meridian Idaho and is a great guy. After I met him we went and picked up my luggage (he had already been in the room) and that was a challenge- we're on the FOURTH floor. So here I am trying to carry my carry on bag, my garment bag AND my 80 pound suitcase. Whew! Luckily some huge elder was walking by and asked if I needed help. I kindly let him carry the 80 lb bag the remainder of the four flights of stairs.
Then we went to a LGM, or large group meeting. Then dinner, then we met our branch presidency that night. They are so awesome, Pres. Crawford is a teacher of economics at BYU, Bro. Estes and Bro. Larson are his counselors.
That night we went around and introduced ourselves and they took us out for interviews. Wait back up, first they assigned senior companions. Elder Kartchner is the senior. I was a little bummed but then I found out all the work they have to do! haha. so they called us out to do interviews, or entrevistas. I went out, came back in and was called out again like ten minutes later.
......The presidency called me to be the District Leader.. :0
I was a wee bit shocked to say the least. So that night started my adventure that has been the past 7 days
I've learned so much about planning this past week. It is soo important and I keep hearing our good ol' stake president saying "Proper prior planning positively prevents poor performance."
What . . . . SNOW ! ! ! !

Our District

The Three Amigo's:
Elder Isrealson , ME, Elder Kartchner

This is how the past week has gone:
"Set goals!"
"How are your companionship GOALS?"
"Today we're going to talk about PLANNING and GOALS"
...umm yeah goals are really important in the MTC and the mission field. I'm slowly but surely starting to realize that. Por ejemplo, we have companionship PLANNING every night between 9 and 930, and the first few days we were writing out our day starting with what was ALREADY planned for us. But we learned form Hma. Nash that we need to set our goals FIRST then see the MDT (missionary directed time) for when we can MEET those goals. It reminds me of the lesson dad used to do when he had the glass container and put the rocks in first then the pebbles and then the sand. We are truly learning how to use our time wisely.
MTC= Make time count. Of course other missionaries have said something about Missionary torture chamber but I have NO idea what they're talking about.
Okay eight minutes left to write. I wanted to talk about how important Preach My Gospel is. It's soo soo important. At the very beginning it states our purpose, "My purpose is to: Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy ghost and enduring to the end." EVERYTHING we do is focused on that purpose. We recited it every Sunday in mission prep and I never realized the importance of it. (spiritual aahhah ! ! ! moment)

Icecream in winter . . . . .
only if you're from
ARIZONA ! ! ! !

Make'n Memories ! ! !

Well let's see... um what else... Thank you again for all the letters and NO mom, you aren't writing too much. DAD- don't tell mom she's writing me too much?! What are you thinking?! haha, since I'm district leader I'm in charge of getting the mail and let me tell you it is so fun to see a Dearelder.com letter sitting in there and waiting to see if its for me or not!

Grandpa, thank you for the letter! I really appreciated it!

I'm going to try and send pics later! buahah
I love you family!

yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. y el libro de mormon contiene la plenitud del evangelio. Estoy agredecio pare la oportunidad para servir.
Nos vemos!
Te quiero mucho!

Elder Rasmussen

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