Sunday, March 29, 2009

MTC - Week 7

Hola todos!
Yesterday we were sitting in class doing personal study when the nice little old lady in the front office called on the speaker and asked for the elders in room 225 to come to the ....TRAVEL OFFICE!!
So we of course get up slowly and under control... yeah right. We got up and booked it over to the travel office. WE were disappointed when we got there cuz they said our visas are going to be delayed a month....
Just kidding! We went to el CONSULADO DE MEXICO yesterday at 1:00 to " make an appearance" to sign our VISAS!! We are the second group of elders to go out on time to Mexico! Our prayers were answered, thsi is what we've been praying for for the past 6 weeks! Even our teachers have been praying for us!
Hola mis abuelos! como estan?! Grandpa & Grandma
Thank you for the letters you send me, I like them so much.
Even if it's just hearing how your week is or anything, I miss you two and want you to know I pray for you and think about you a lot.

The MTC is so amazing! Have I ever told you that? ;
The firesides are so incredible and my teachers are so amazing too!
If I can be close to the kind of missionary they were and how my dad was then I'll be set, really! I can tell they worked so hard.
Hno. Barrios was in the Mesa Mission and we talk about stuff all the time...Mostly the good restaurants. He really likes Filibertos! haha, I don’t know if you know but he's from Chile. His dad was a General Authority. He's only 23 but he acts like he's way older! I want to be as knowledgeable in the gospel as these two are. Preach My Gospel is so cool! Elder Packer said it was written on the other side of the veil, and I can definetly tell it is.

Well I have to go, just know I love you and think about you. Try and calm my mother down so she doesn't have to worry about me going to Mexico! I'm so excited and can't wait to get out there!

And guess what? The gift of tongues is so real! We went to the consulate yesterday and the people were speaking in Spanish of course and we were all trying to follow along, yes 40 of us were leaning in trying to hear what they were saying, haah! And after wards everyone was like "They were speaking so fast! holy cow!" but I could understand almost everything. I'm not being boastful, I just know the Lord is blessing me with the Gift of Tongues already.
Love ya!
I mean,
Elder Trevor Rasmussen

So as if that wasn't enough to make yesterday the best day at the MTC, we went to the fireside but before we did they came on the speaker and told all the missionaries to bring their Preach My Gospel. So of course we all thought it HAD to be Pres. Monson or something. But it was just as good.
Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi came! I thought of Dad right away, I remember Dad saying it was one of his Favorite Authorities. It was one of the best talks I've ever heard, really! It was so cool. He talked about the Atonement and how its really important for us to be clean as missionaries. Then he talked about "Learn to become a master teacher and a celestial missionary"
He challenged us to get up 2-3 minutes early everyday, he said "The way you spend your mornings is how you're going to spend them in the morning of the first resurrection" Whoa.
He challenged us to master the first four lessons. While he was teaching us this it was so funny cuz he kept pointing at the air like he was karate chopping it! Then he had some missionaries come up and tell the first vision. They went through it really quickly then he had some sisters come up. The sister missionaries told the first vision so carefully and slowly, that the spirit filled the entire room. Elder Kikuchi told us to pray for them up on the stage, and it was amazing. He said to take time to tell the greatest thing that ever happened in the world!
He told us this awesome story, Dad you'll like this.
He told us about a young boy right after World War II who's dad was out fishing for their business when an American submarine sunk the boat, killing the boy's father and several workers. The family had to sell everything and became really poor. They were so poor that the boy couldn't go to high school, so he moved 9 hours away to work. He would get up early and work all day then go to night school and then go to sleep at 11. This happened for along time until he was 15 and in the hospital, I guess form the effects of all his hard work. He was near death, when this young boy who had been raised Buddhist prayed to the Christian God, "If you're there I promise to repay you if you let me live" Three days later he was out of the hospital. Eight days after that two young missionaries were tracting and getting door after door slammed in their face. They were about to go back when one of them said "lets knock on a few more doors" The boy saw these two Americans coming to his house. He answered the door and said "Go away, you killed my father." The missionaries said okay but before we go we want to tell you that Jesus Christ and God appeared to a young boy about your age. He remembered the promise he had made eight days earlier and holding up both his hands he said "TEN MINUTES!"
"That young boy was me. Thank you for bringing me the gospel of Jesus Christ" (talking to US, he was telling thank you to us!)
He said "I love you for bringing me this gospel. Thank you"
It was such a powerful meeting. Before this meeting Hermano Barrios told us that General Authorities are on assignment from the Quorum of the Twelve and can speak as if they were they Lord. He told us if we give a blessing we could even say "I love you" as if we were the Lord speaking. When Elder Kikuchi said "I love you" It was such an amazing feeling! The spirit was so strong in that huge gym, I know that the work we're about is the greatest in the world! Heavenly Father even said it is HIS work and HIS glory! It's what brings him the most happiness, pretty cool huh?

Real quick I wanted to tell you about something Hno. Barrios told us. One of the trainers here at the MTC teaches the teachers and he taught them something yesterday. There is a turning point with every investigator, we have to listen to them and focus on them. He said if we get out of a lesson and say "Okay what could we have done better" Then we've MISSED the point! The "atomic turning point" as he called it. We have to have faith that if we focus completely on them then the Lord will help us. It's kind of deep, and I'm not explaining it right. But Hno. Barrios said the church is going to be moving over to this over the next few years, people are just now developing this idea. The basics of it are in Preach My gospel under listening. (basically everything you've taught me my whole life)

Thank you for the awesome package last week, it was awesome! We haven’t opened the bubbly yet but we will! We usually don't have time to eat anything.
I got the credit card stuff today and I'm going to send it off right now.
Te quiero! I have ten minutes so you can write me back if you want! Adios!

Elder Trevor Rasmussen

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