Friday, March 27, 2009

MTC - Week 5


Buenos Dias Familia! Lo siento, we didn't have time to type today so I'm starting now. I won't be able to do copy and paste today so this is all I got...
So much happened this week, I hope I can get it all in here!
First of all, Elder Israelsen's companion went home last Wednesday. So he's me and Elder Kartchner's third companion now! It's different having three people, but we're using it to our advantage. For example, when we teach we have one of us be a convert that knows the person we're teaching, pretty cool eh?
Okay, I am learning new rules all the time and here's one I learned this week. We're not allowed to take pictures or write letters unless it's P-day! So when you write me and ask me questions, I try to remember them but I have a hard time, and I can't write you back right then so it's kinda hard.
Oh yeah, because last wed. was so hectic with one of the elders leaving I didn't have time to buy the suitcase and now it's gone soo... I'm not sure what we're going to do. Sorry!
Next week we're teaching the first lesson en ESPANOL!?! Loco eh??
Oh, I never got a package from Cherisse and Sis. Glaus, I went up to the front but they said the mailroom would've given it to me, so I don’t know what happened there.
I'm sending the SD card today so you should get it hopefully Saturday or so? I'm excited for you to get it, I recorded some stuff on the recorder, hope you don't get bored of it!
OHH MAN! Yesterday was pretty exciting! Guess who came? Come on guess??
well let me start by telling you this, we usually sit by the side of the stage so we can be close to the person, even though its their profile, and have a TV right there to watch them from straight on. So we go to our usual spot and it's reserved for EMT Personnel?! What?!
Then we usually sing songs before the fireside, and the conductor got up and said "Elders and sisters, to show respect to their calling, if an Apostle-" Everyone started whispering and yelling and...mass chaos pretty much. The conductor held up his hands and yelled, "IF you were to see one tonight, then you should stand." By now I could barely contain myself. So we were singing and in walks...
Elder M. Russell Ballard! You know, "Our Search for Happiness"?? Yeah. Him.
It was soOo cool! It's funny cuz everyone from Utah has seen or met or is best buddies with an apostle and I've only seen one from far away! Elder Israelsen has met Elder Ballard five times I think, Elder Bertin from Bountiful used to home teach Elder Bednar..and yeah. It's pretty crazy how everyone seems to know one of them!
Well Elder Ballards talk was pretty amazing. I took 5 pages of notes...haha.
He told us about how he and Elder Cook went to several newspaper places last year when Mitt was running so they could be interviewed. He told us the most common question was, "Why does the whole world say you aren't Christian?" He told them its because we don’t' believe in the Nicene Creed, and a bunch of other stuff. He talked to us about how really important our message is to the world! He said, "The world is steeped in spiritual darkness, what are YOU going to do to penetrate that darkness?" whoa.
He went on to tell us how a positive attitude is essential! He told us they've done studies and how the appearance of the missionary is the #1 factor that determines whether people are going to listen to the missionaries. No pressure right?
"Lock this into your brains, In the beginning it's always what they feel, NOT what they know!" He has gone everywhere you possibly can in the world and says that he always asks recent converts of two years to stand and they ALL say "When the missionaries came, I felt this...I felt...I felt..." Always before what they knew!
He told us to believe all the time and trust in the Lord. you have to keep that burning in you.
One of the main things he spoke about was INTERNALIZING Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel. He said in 7 months, once we have some experience, He'd like to take US to the New York Times and have them ask US questions. "Own it so well that you can teach any principle at anytime, so you can teach the message of the Restoration."
When we master chapter 3, they will FEEL that you are sincere, and special young men and women.
There are many people that are just wallowing in spiritual darkness, they will see it RADIATING in your eyes, your heart and your spirit! They will feel and you'll have more opportunity to find, teach and baptize.
This work needs to be accelerated! If all 53,000 missionaries were excited about the Gospel baptisms would accelerate!...

THEN he talked to us about being cheerful! He said regardless of how difficut it may be remember Alma 29:9. Hold on to that! I promise you in the name of the Lord as you have an upbeat attitude, the divine witness of the Lord will carry you through any affliction.

"On behalf of the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the Seventy, we send you forth as ambassadors of Jesus Christ! This is His Church! WE will be as close to Him as we let Him!...Be cheerful, excited, and upbeat for the privilege of representing the Lord!"
May the heavens be close to you and enlighten you for the greatest opportunity you'll probably ever have in your lives...

Yeah. It was so cool. I felt the Spirit so strong! It really is a blessing to be serving the Lord. I learned something cool in District Review last night.
There are only three groups with the title Elder!
-The General Authorities
-The Apostles
-And...the missionaries.
19 year old missionaries.

Se que Jesucristo vive! Se que el Libro de Mormon is verdadero, y lo contiene la plenitud del Evangelio.
Estoy muy agredecido por la oportunidad ser un misionero de Dios.

Te Queiro mucho familia!

-Elder Trevor Rasmussen

ps- I want to hear from all of you!!

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