Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MTC - Week 3

Missionary Jedi . . . . ooooo how do they do that ! ! ??WOW . . . Even overcome GRAVITY ! ! !

Week - 3
We were in class the other day and Hermano Barrios had us do a role play about loving our neighbor. The story was there is a kid jumping rope and another kid comes up and pushes him over and steals his rope. Of course we had to do it all in Spanish too! So I was chosen to be the bully and the shortest Elder in our district was the kid jump roping. So I come up and I say something in Spanish and push him over and steal his rope. He falls and runs over to his Dad and says, "Papa! Papa! Tomo mi ropa!" We sat there for a second just looking at each other and started laughing!! First of all he was trying to say, " papa papa! They took my rope!" but he really said, "Papa! papa! They took my CLOTHES!!" (clothes=ropa) It was just another good old time at the MTC! We laughed about it all this week.

On Tuesdays we get to hear from a General Authority and last night we get in there and usually they have a picture of the person on the screen, but last night they didn't! So we were all whispering to each other trying to figure out who could it be?!? Well right before 7 in walks a shorter Authority that I had never seen before. His name was Clate W. Mask and it was one of the absolute best talks I've ever heard.

One thing that I've been thinking a lot about is the great privilege it is to be a missionary for the Lord. He has entrusted us with this duty to preach the gospel. I don’t' know, I guess my whole perspective on missionary work is kinda different because now I realize, I'm LUCKY to wear his name on my suit.

Elder Mask last night said, " What a blessing it is to receive a mission call from a Prophet of God. You will be angelic in the lives of many people. I bless all of you within the sound of my voice tonight with a special blessing that you will have desire to be the very best missionary you can be, that you will want to serve. The lord will bless you tonight with whatever it is you need. As a special witness of Christ I know Thomas s. Monson is a prophet.." It was so powerful and I felt the Spirit so strong. It still amazes me that I heard an apostle of the LORD speaking to us! wow.

I wanted to tell you, Mom and Dad thank you. You have tuaght me los principios del Evangelio all my life! For example, this week we learned alot about "listening" HAHa! Dad you would have laughed if you heard what we talked about. Because it's exactly what YOU and MOM have been teaching me my whole life. Here I'll just quote it. It's on page 185 of P my G.
"When you listen carefully to others, you understand them better. When they know that their thoughts and feelings are important to you, they are more likely to be receptive to your teachings share personal experiences and make commitments. As you listen, you will be able to more effectively adapt your teachings to their needs and interests.

Allright I love you all! I wish I could write more, But I guess I’ll just have to do it in a letter. Good luck deciphering this! (I bet you didn't think you'd have to have your urim and thumim for this did ya dad??)
Nos Vemos!
Te Quiero!

Elder Trevor Rasmussen

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